Another Real Estate Photographer Moving Into Video

March 7th, 2011

I wanted to show you a video by Heath Cowart of Brevard, NC. Heath has been an PFRE reader for some time and an active participant in in the PFRE video for real estate flickr group. Heath has started shooting video and has a created a YouTube Channel and a blog.

I think having a YouTube channel and a blog is a big advantage in getting more online exposure. Although I’m not sure having the blog in a separate domain is as effective as having it in the same domain as your main site. In any case, I think Heath is doing a great job at promoting himself and his business.

Heath’s little 3:19 video is, I think, a great example of a video where the listing agent is up to doing a great job at narrating the video. The video comes off light hearted and straight forward. Just what you want! The trick as the video producer/director is making the call of when to let the agent do the narration and when to have professional narration. This agent does it very well. Not all agents can do this sort of thing. The video comes off very well. Heath has asked a very well known local business person (the guy in the multi-colored cap at the end of the video) to participate in the video. Great idea! This is a plus for the property promotion and it gives the local guy exposure.

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10 Responses to “Another Real Estate Photographer Moving Into Video”

  • I’ve admired Heath’s work with agents for awhile now. Glad to see he’s blogging!

  • Congratulations Heath, looks great and I love your work!

  • I actually have not been very serious about the blog. After setting it up I became busy and forgot about it for a while. Now it is where I place interesting
    articles and videos to show clients later. I don’t expect it to attract much traffic other than my main clients who I refer over to it. I am finding that facebook, email, and face to face networking is more effective. Once I have the clients attention I can refer them to the blog so they can see what I am talking about.
    The town that I live in is pretty small and everyone seems to know each other so it seemed that asking a member of the business community to participate in the video could create a buzz.

  • I forgot to say thanks Malia and Allan.

  • What a great video. I think I’m going to have to start doing video! Nice work Heath.

  • Bloody good stuff mate. You’re well on the way. If you want to open PlatinumHD Propvid in your State, give me a yell. I’ll back you. No buy in. But you have to come to the Gold Coast and meet the gang.
    Full HD streaming, multiple-transcoding platform, all the knowledge, all the skills and you get to hang out with a real CREW.

  • Brett

    That sounds great. I’ll shoot you an email soon.


  • No offence taken Brett!

  • Heath,

    Great Video and Production! By any chance, do you know the type of camera that was used to shoot this?

    Thanks in advance!

    Co Ardolino
    Century 21 Van Der Wende Assoc.
    Little Falls, NJ

  • It was shot with a Canon 7d, Canon, 10-22, 17-40, 70-200, 50mm lenses, and allot of other support equipment.

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