PFRE Blog Now Available In 52 Languages

March 6th, 2011

Ever since I started using the Chrome browser about a year ago, I noticed that whenever I ran across a page in a language other than English, Chrome offers to translate to English. Very cool feature! I’ve also been known to use Google translate to impress my native Spanish or French speaking friends with my dazzling command of their language. But today over at I noticed that David is using a whole new dimension of Google Translate I didn’t know existed. It turns out that with 8 lines of Javascript in the side-bar you can give non-English speakers the option of translating your whole site into anyone of 52 languages.

So I’ve added the Google Translate widget to the PFRE blog. It’s the little drop down just below the Search box on the upper left side-bar. It takes a little time to load so it is usually the last thing that displays. It probably doesn’t help my page load time which is quite long already but it’s just to cool to have PFRE accessible in Swahili, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Russian as well as all the major Asian and European languages.

Google has a unique approach to machine language translation that apparently quite good. It’s explained in the YouTube video above. If you want to do this on your site or blog here is the description of how to do it.

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2 Responses to “PFRE Blog Now Available In 52 Languages”

  • This is awesome no matter what language you speak!

  • going to add that to my blog thanks.

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