A Video By The Canberra Real Estate Photography Team

February 25th, 2011

I’ve been admiring the video work of Paul Huskinson and his team for some time. Paul and his team work out of Canberra, AU and are another example of the outstanding work that so many real estate video producers in AU are doing these days.

Here is one of their recent videos. I like their unique style where the camera moves are slow and smooth, the music track is soft classical, and the dissolves between cuts are long and smooth. There are several other examples on their site that illustrate this characteristic style.

Paul says they use a Dollyslide, Mini jib and floor monkey. On bigger jobs they use the same items with dolly pipes. 5D MK II’s are there weapons of choice. Paul is an active participant in the PFRE Video for real estate flickr group.

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4 Responses to “A Video By The Canberra Real Estate Photography Team”

  • Very nice. If you can make a property look good in a pouring down rain…that says alot. I impressed that they took the time to set up tracks in the rain. Very professional and high quality work. I hope the agent and seller appreciate their work.

  • Usually, rain means you either have to work a LOT harder or you have to postpone doing the video at all. They did a great job of using the rain as an artistic element and brought life to the gardens. Took lemons and made lemonade. Nice work, Paul!

  • Nicely done Paul — great use of the rain, now you will see all the Aussie RE shooters out there for the rest of summer holding up water sprinklers above their heads while filming outside!

  • Great work as always Paul, very impressive.

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