Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – A Real Estate Video

February 17th, 2011

I’ve been sitting on this video for almost a week now anxiously waiting the go ahead from Brett Clements to show it to you.

For those not into rock music history I need to explain the historical references. The song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is a song written by Bob Dylan for the film Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. There have been many rock groups that have done their versions of this Dylan song but it was probably made the most famous by the group Guns N’ Roses in 1987. OK, you get the picture, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is a rock classic!

What I am impressed with is the way Brett and his team use a creative concept, like characterizing this dazzling property as a “rock star” and then centering the presentation of the property around the concept. The concept is a way of hooking you emotionally with the music. It almost feels like a music video. I think this is a great concept and excellent execution!

Brett says this was shot with a 5DmkII with Zeiss primes and a LED torch to effect the “light” effects. Kudos to Diahann McKenzie, Michael Suzor, Zoran Prodanovic and everyone involved in the production of this prop vid!

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20 Responses to “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – A Real Estate Video”

  • Love. This.
    This is just off the hook!

  • Super! I can’t quite looking at it!

  • Awesome video! Beautifully simple.

  • It Rocks! 😉

  • Holy Lens Flare Batman! There were 22 lens flares on the interior shots (not counting the ones of the guy with the guitar). Only 4 of the interior shots did not have that effect. It reminds me of the new Star Trek movie with all the lens flares every other shot. Better concept then the one with the chick stripping that is for sure.

  • Top notch!

    Gee — Guns n Roses did that 24 years ago, I am starting to feel very old!

  • Awesome! Great job!

  • Love it! Very nice!

  • How hard was it to obtain the rights to the song at a reasonable licensing cost?

  • John – Most music rights can be licensed through the Harry Fox agency at It’s been a while since music biz 101 but usually sync rights are pretty expensive (but that was back before the internet)

    Is it just me or is the guitar out of tune? Or maybe I’m just hearing some bad pitch/time shifting artifacts to get it to line up with the video?

  • Back when I was a gaffer in film and television we had a saying “the only deference between a flare and a highlight was the day rate”.

  • “The only thing it’s missing is a zip code.” Out there, huh?

    Nice one.

  • @David- Yea, I was a bit puzzled by that phrase too. I think the zip is 4213. My guess is what they mean was it doesn’t have it’s own zip code.

  • The video is great but for the love of god, somebody tune that guitar.

  • Another epic video from Brett and his team. This one must’ve cost the owner a fortune!

  • who drinks beer out of a whiskey glass ?

  • very, very well done…but also a little…irrelevant? With the song and the music references to the house in the narration…i don’t know.

    It’s still great.

  • Awesome video as usual from Brett.

  • Simply stunning…nice one guys.

  • LOVE this film.

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