Using Video To Communicate a Sense Of A Place

February 9th, 2011

Charles Lynch a real estate photographer from Littlehampton, AU just outside of Adelaide in Southern Australia recently posted a marvelous little video in the PFRE flickr group. Charles recently attended one of Allan MacKenzie’s real estate video workshops in Adelaide and is applying some of the concepts that Allan teaches in his video workshop.

This little 2:23 video is, I think, an excellent example of how video can be used to communicate a strong sense of place. This quiet time-lapse sunrise on Silver Lake with early morning fog rising off the lake, ducks and calm soothing music makes a powerful emotional statement about this special place. No words, just soothing music and strong images. Everything about this video says quiet, rural special place. It creates an emotional pull that draws me to want to come see it! Just what you want to do with a property vid. This approach obviously isn’t going to work for every property but it sure works on this one!

Congratulations to Charles and Allan!

Update Feb 10, 2011: I just talked to Charles and he said his inspiration for this style was Philip Bloom’s famous video of Skywalker Ranch.

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11 Responses to “Using Video To Communicate a Sense Of A Place”

  • As a REALTOR, if a photographer showed me this within his portfolio, he has my business. Nice job Charles!

  • It amazes me that more people don’t invest in video to sell their properties, this is a superb example, congratulations

  • Nice work! Those Australians are really setting the bar high when it comes to video.

  • Tremendous video!! It made me feel like I was right there experiencing the moment and scenery!

  • Superb video Charles, You really set a very high standard. You must be very happy?

  • Bravo, Charles! Well-done video.

  • Nice work brother.

  • I’m only quite short. Can you guys set the bar a little lower so I can grab on ?

  • Can this video be considered for “photographer of the month”? If so, Charles get my vote.

  • @Ted- I’m thinking of having a separate competition for video of the month… doesn’t make sense to do stills and video in the same competition since skills are so different.

  • The area, flavor of the local special community the real estate is in needs coverage for that outside buyer. The one who has not zeroed in on the property yet but will from your community video series. Not just the sticks and bricks needing real video.

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