New Ramblin Lamb Photography Site Goes Live Today

February 8th, 2011

My Neighbors (well sort of) Richard and Nancy Lamb’s Photography web site went live today.  Richard and Nancy are expanding their photography business into real estate photography so they have redesigned their site and Richard ask me to have a look at it today. The site is a template site hosted at

Here is the feedback I gave them:

  • I like the fact that the images are large and text is kept to a minimum although I find the varying margins distracting. Particularly when the right margin goes completely away and then eventually comes back again (during the slide show on the front page).
  • Safari and Foxfire on my iMac handle the window resizing of the image window smoothly.
  • In Chrome when you re-size the image window you get a bunch of wacky horizontal lines and the images completely go away when you re-size.
  • The IOS (iPad/iPhone) mirror sites look good. In some ways I actually like the iPad version better than the Flash version where the margins float all over.
  • All of the images look great except for the one of the dimly lit interior of a bar or restaurant with the “nuclear” windows. I would get rid of this one.
  • I noticed that your meta tags don’t contain the terms “real estate photographer” or “real estate photography”. Since you are going to do real estate photography I would include those terms.

Richard and Nancy say they have their “ego-armor” on and would love to have your feedback on their new site too. Don’t be bashful now!

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6 Responses to “New Ramblin Lamb Photography Site Goes Live Today”

  • I don’t mind the margins changing, to me its’ just accommodating the image proportions.

    I agree with getting rid of the dark bar shot in that front sequence. I would replace it with either this image or this image

    I agree with Larry about using the term real estate photography or photographer. In the portfolio instead of “architecture” I think I would use “Real Estate”

    In the Bio I think you need to remove the word “and” in this sentence: “In the early 2000’s, a burning desire to study photography and was forming.”

    In this section (see at the end of this writing) your are going back and forth from the bio sounding like it was written by someone else, then you. So, I would suggest using quotes from the two of you. Maybe combing it with the next paragraph.
    This team creates a compelling dynamic. We make sure our customers are delighted with our work. We make sure our work is delivered on time.
    We make sure you enjoy working with us.

    That’s my 2 cents

  • There’s something wrong with the perspectives in many of the interior-pictures (11,17,19…). I usually enable the profile correction in Lightroom 3 to avoid this, in addition I also straighten vertical lines with Photoshop.

  • I really liked the pictures. Great job!

  • The bathroom shot has a very definite reflection of the photographer and tripod..
    Other than that, lovely shots – well done.

  • I agree with LizK – watch you reflections – there were a couple, but the shower stall glass was the most obvious. there was a mirror shot with a person walking by as well. I was confused by once you get into the architecture portflolio, you had to click next, whereas the other parts of the site leading up to that were auto-slideshow?

  • Thanks folks for the awesome feedback! Funny how one can miss the “obvious” in one’s own image! I never once noticed the tripod and my stocking feet in that bathroom image that has since been pulled from the gallery! Still human after all these years…..sigh!

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