Don’t Let Fancy New HDSLRs Distract From What’s Important

February 7th, 2011

Today Canon announced a couple of new low-end HDSLRs. The EOS T3 /1100D and the EOS T3i/600D. In reading the new specs it’s pretty hard to find any earth shaking changes (except perhaps the swivel LCD screen on the T3i). Moore’s law slowly keeps grinding on toward fantastic quality, smaller size and lower cost. What’s else is new!

While spending time trying to figure out what’s different in these new bodies it occurred to me spending too much time worrying about what’s new with in the latest HDSLR can be a distraction from refining your craft and your business processes. I think there are many more important things to be paying attention to, like improving your lighting, improving your marketing, improving your customer service.

Oh sure, you need to be continually improving your images but it never makes much difference which HDSLR you have. There are some niches in photography where which body you have is a big deal but I don’t think real estate photography is one of them. Any of the low-end bodies will serve you just fine.

If you want to get worked up over equipment your time would be better spent on choosing your wide-angle lens. In general glass will have a bigger impact on your images than what body you use.

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2 Responses to “Don’t Let Fancy New HDSLRs Distract From What’s Important”

  • WOW! These look very enticing. I hope this Oregon coast real estate market continues improving so I can afford one of these newer models.

  • You make some good points Larry. I have been using a now 5 year old Canon XTi since I started doing real estate photography. There have been several models that have since been released to replace mine but aside from being able to shoot video, there hasn’t been any clear cut reason that demanded I upgrade. Instead I did what you suggested, worked on my lighting and PS skills and bought the best lens I could afford. The way I see it, the day I can no longer improve my images through better lighting or post processing is the day I will convince myself that I NEED a new body.

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