Get High Google Ranking For Your Business In Minutes With Google Places

February 3rd, 2011

Google PlacesI’ve talked about this before (here and here) but it’s been over 2 years ago so I think it is worth bringing up again.

Google ranking is always related to a specific search term. The search term you are interested in as a real estate photographer is “real estate photography your-town“. The idea is, when an agent in your-town does a google search for “real estate photographer your-town” you want to be listed as high as possible on the first result page so the see your web site listing and click on it.

Here is a quick and simple way to get your site high on the first page of search results exactly where you want it: Sign up for Google Places. Being registered on Google Places has a several of benefits:

  1. When someone is using google maps and searches for “real estate photographer” it will show your business and site with a little map pin.
  2. Also when someone googles “real estate photographer your-town” you are right up there on top with the search results… unless there are a bazillion other real estate photographers registered on google places. Ultimately where you are ranked will depend on how many people registered before you.
  3. If you are so lucky to be the first real estate photographer in your town to register you immediately get top ranking… immediately!

A great example of this is I registered with google places in about 2008 when I did the first post on this subject and in my sleepy little town (Salem, Oregon) I got top ranking since I was the only real estate photographer registered on google places. So if any one googles “real estate photographer Salem Oregon” there I am king of the mountain. However, many folks in Seattle that read my post registered with google places so now, in Seattle if you register with google places you may not even get on the first page for the search term “real estate photographer Seattle”.

Oh yea, I should mention. After registering your business with google places google will send you a letter with a pin number on it that they want you to use to verify your information. This is just to make sure your address is not bogus. If you don’t go through the verification process eventually your business listing with google will go away.

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6 Responses to “Get High Google Ranking For Your Business In Minutes With Google Places”

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  • That’s one of the great things about Google’s “intelligent results” – they don’t only return web results! The fact that business/places results are returned on the front page for relevant queries is a great boon, and a fantastic way to get prime placement on search engine result pages (SERPs) without extensive work or paying for ads.

  • I agree – I was using Adwords but it just makes you bleed money, and although you are provided with analytics, you never really know the legitimacy of the traffic reported. I ended up burning up $4000 in short order. It was a great kick start but this method is much more cost effective me thinks.

  • So, how long does it take for my site to show up after I enter the provided pin number?
    I completed all these steps a few weeks ago and recieved/entered my pin earlier this week, but I still haven’t shown up in a search. I should also mention my site is still very new. Three weeks old!

  • @Tad- Your site should show up on a google search immediately for the search term “real estate photography yourtown” if you used yourtown as your City in your address and “real estate photography as your business. You probably didn’t use the words “real”, “estate” & “photography” in Company/Organization and the Description fields.

    In cases where there are too many in the same business to show on one page you won’t show up on the first page but you only appear to have 2 other real estate photographers in Raleigh show you should be able to get 3 place on the first page.

  • Another great SEO trick is to use the ADDRESS tag.

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