Photography For Real Estate Flickr Group Hits 5000 Members

January 30th, 2011

Today Bill26 of Broomfield, CO (just North of Denver) became the 5000th PFRE flickr group member.

Bill says,

I am married with a three-year-old  (on my lap right now – difficult to type). I have been a serious amateur for several years, mostly in landscapes. However, in the last year or so I have become interested in Real Estate photography and David Hobby’s strobist. I have been wanting strobes since discovering the two, but each paycheck runs out within a few days so been held back. I have a little now to get equipment. PFRE looks like my best option for extra income without going to a job in the evening and weekends. I want something more interesting and fun. At first I will probably be part-time, obviously, then I would like to make it full time.

Congratulations Bill. As his prize for being the group’s 5000th member Bill wins the following:

  1. A copy of my Photography For Real Estate e-book
  2. A copy of my Business of Real Estate Photography e-book.
  3. A copy of Scott Hargis’s, The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors, Techniques for lighting with small flash.

Also, thanks to all the other 4999 members for making this group such a valuable resource for learning and raising the bar for real estate photography. Over and over successful real estate photographers all over the world report that this group is key to their success.

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7 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate Flickr Group Hits 5000 Members”

  • Congratulations and thanks for all you hard work, Larry.

  • Congratulations Larry. I hope the Comments list on this one tops 5,000 because you sure as hell deserve it.

  • Congratulations Larry!!! I can honestly say it was thanks to this website and group that I got into RE and interior photography. ALmost everything that I practice on my sessions was learned here, so congratulations and THANK YOU for having the most informative site!

  • Hey Larry, congrats. And it’s “Broomfield”, named so for all the fields of broomcorn growing nearby “back in the day”.

  • Congrats, that’s really impressive! It’s a great community.

  • Seems like a good person to be awarded these materials.

  • Thank you all and thank you Larry for the websites and the gifts. I am looking forward to much work with everyone.

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