Agents: Take Better Listing Photos or Hire a Professional!

January 28th, 2011

Kudos to St Paul MN Realtor®, Teresa Boardman, for her article in InmanNews titled “Take better listing photos, or don’t take them at all“.

Teresa gives a tongue-in-cheek description of what agents should do with their point-and-shoot camera or cell phone camera they may be using to shoot listings with… break it with a sledge hammer!

Great recommendation!  This kind of article helps more and more agents are get the message that a few hundred dollars spent up front on photography is well worth the investment of the $300 to $500 it takes to hire a professional photographer.

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3 Responses to “Agents: Take Better Listing Photos or Hire a Professional!”

  • Haha – I had to share this one on my facebook page. I like the first paragraph especially – if you are using a point and shoot to market a home and the resultant shot is dimly lit and ‘gloomy’, you are better off with no pictures at all! Buyers will see these photos and think to themselves ‘based on these photos, this home is way overpriced’!

    just my 2 cents.

  • VERY true! Photos with a point-and-shoot do NOT show a home to best advantage!

  • I did a similar blog post a year or so ago. I got great feedback from Realtors in other areas. The more agents who start using real estate photographers, the more who are going to have to use them to compete. Although I am seeing more and more agents buying DSLRs and learning how to use them fairly well. I’ve held a couple private real estate photography classes for some of these agents. Its another angle to make a few bucks…

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