Basic Video Editing Options For Creating Real Estate Video

January 27th, 2011

I’ve gotten many questions in the last month or two about how creating quality YouTube videos. Questions like why do my YouTube videos look so crappy?

Let me start by saying that traditionally people that create video tend to gravitate to Macs. There’s a simple reason for that:

  1. Every Mac comes with iMovie 11 which is a fantastic video editor. iMovie is a really easy to use low-end video editor that is hard to beat. iMovie has all you need for starting out in creating real estate video.
  2. Final Cut Express 4 – (as Malia points out below) Much of what’s in Final Cut Pro for much less ($199).
  3. The video editing that most of the Pros use is Final Cut Pro (a Mac only professional app). FCP is the big-boy video editing application that all other video editors are measured against. Most Hollywood movies are done in FCP. If your are really serious about video editing FCP is the video editing app you want. Warning: FCP is $999.

So when someone is looking for a video editing application I tell them if it’s at all possible, start out with iMovie. I’d go so far to say that if you are really serious about video go with a Mac. If your are already committed to Windows then a good starting point is Adobe Premere Elements.

I’ve used iMovie for several years but recently got a copy of Premier Elements just to see how it compares to iMovie. Premier Elements is available for both the Mac and the PC. There are other video editing options for the PC:

  1. Windows Movie Maker 11 – Free
  2. Picasa – Free
  3. Adobe Premier Elements 9 – $79.99 USD at Amazon
  4. Adobe premier – $672 USD at Amazon
  5. Sony Vegas Movie Studio – $95 at Amazon
  6. Sony Vegas Pro 10 – $520 at Amazon

From what I’ve seen Premiere Elements 9 is a good low cost PC alternative to iMovie and Adobe Premier is a good PC alternative to Final Cut Pro.

What other suggestions to you have for video editing?

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11 Responses to “Basic Video Editing Options For Creating Real Estate Video”

  • I just purchased Final Cut Express 4. From what I understand it has almost all of the features of Final Cut Pro but it’s only $199. It’s kind of overwhelming and I’m still figuring it all out but I can already tell it’s an amazing piece of software.

    Until now I’ve done all of my video editing in iMovie – it’s great. Intuitive and really easy to use.

  • @Malia – Excellent point! I forgot about final cut express.

  • Adobe Premier Pro CS5 is a good alternative to Final Cut Pro regardless of your OS and arguably a better piece of software.

    If you are running an older version of Photoshop you can buy a CS5 Production Suite “upsell” that includes Premier Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Flash for $1,000. That’s an amazing deal.

    I use Final Cut Pro but as soon as I get a new computer I’m selling it and buying Premier Pro CS5.

  • Premiere Pro is the best alternative right now if you use DSLRS as they can edit footage natively. With all other editing software, DSLR footage currently needs to be transcoded with a program like MPEG Streamclip in order to be suitable for editing. Otherwise it’s more than painful….

    Rumors (and that’s all they are) say that a new version of FCP is about ready to pop first quarter of 2011. I would assume it would also be able to edit native footage like Premiere, although you never know! (I’m hoping….)

    But iMovie is very capable as is FInal Cut Express on the lower end of the price scale.

  • I use Elements Premiere but have a hard time determining which output settings give the best web result with a larger viewing area.

  • Hi Larry,
    Thank you so much for this very helpful post. I now have iMovie 11 as of yesterday and Sony Vegas Mov. Studio 10 that I use for my Kodak Zi8 and Flip Mino HD. Sorry, I’m a newbie to your blog. I’ve been creating photo slideshows on Animoto and am over Animoto….seems kind of boring now. I’ve also used Microsoft Photostory 3 and Windows Movie Maker, but that gets a little boring as well. Just so that I understand, is this post of yours about editing “video” or taking “photos” and creating amazing “video” from high quality photography? So, you would recommend iMovie 11 or Adobe Premiere to create videos from photos? And, to make that video inspiring to viewers?

    I still think that you could take an excellent video creation, put it on YouTube and the quality/video would still be diminished somewhat because it’s YouTube’s rendering that makes it so. Michael Krisa showed this to be true here: showing source video and YouTube video side-by-side.

    Thank you so very much for your help and direction on this topic.

  • Great post. I would also mention Pinnacle Studio software in the list. I’m not a big fan of the software but know a lot of people who are. The software may have gotten better in the past few years as it was purchased by Avid software – – I haven’t used it in a number of years.

    Just one little point about your post. Avid’s professional level software is by far the most used editing software for Hollywood based TV and movies.

  • even if you are looking for a cheap editing program, don’t bother with Sony Vegas Movie Studio – it would not recognise video produced from my D300s

  • One of the best PC video editing programs that I have found for the money is at Cyberlink. That is Power Director
    Also see

  • Real estate video without editing is like trying to learn how to fly without wings. Editing removes the herd of elephant herky jerky that makes viewers, listeners reach for dramamine. Or something to hold on to with rough seas that don’t hold a viewer’s attention very long. I like Sony Vegas but Power Director was easy and quick to put in to service with the surgery everyone making videos needs to do to create better and better productions worth watching.

  • What Is The Best Video Editing Software?

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