PFRE Blog Discussion Guidelines

January 24th, 2011

Blog discussion guidelines

I had a situation today in which I deleted a readers comments and it made me realize I need to talk about my comment moderation guidelines.

My basic moderation guidelines have evolved out of the fact that in the last year I have had a few people that have exhibited troll like behavior in the blog comments. It’s really not all that bad – one or two people out of 30,000 a month is to be expected. That’s actually remarkably low. In any case I feel obligated to moderate discussions so they are moderately civil.

So here are my guidelines:

  1. I don’t allow comments that come across like advertising. If you have a product that you think is of interest to real estate photographers tell me about it and if I agree I’ll do a post on it.
  2. You must fill in the name and valid e-mail field of the comment or WordPress won’t accept the comment. I’d also prefer that you also fill in the website URL (but WordPress doesn’t automatically enforce that). The rational here is that people tend to be more civil in discussions if they are not totally anonymous. As long as the discussion remains civil I don’t take the time to verify your identity. But the more outrageous you get the more I want to know about who you are. If you use an invalid e-mail or don’t answer when I test the email I delete your comments.
  3. I value diverse opinions highly and never delete comments if I believe you are being honest about who are unless you engage in personal verbal attacks.

In the situation today the commenter felt I should not delete his comments if I agreed with what he was saying. I assure you agreement with what you say in comments has nothing to do with my comment moderation! My only goal is to encourage a civil and useful discussion.

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5 Responses to “PFRE Blog Discussion Guidelines”

  • Comments are hard to handle sometimes. I get a lot of spam and advertising, but sometimes its hard to tell if it is or isn’t. Overall you have a great reader base, that really are reading and contributing great real estate photography comments.

  • I admire your diligence Larry. It is important to keep discussions civil whether they are on the web or in person.
    thank you for policing

  • Larry, you know how it is, sometimes passions can be flared. That Photography Pros / Realtors thread from a few days ago threatened to get out of hand. It is good that we can all exchange views here at PFRE and strongly disagree without actually being disagreeable. I appreciate the effort you are putting into moderating this discussion. It can’t be easy; enjoyable as it might be.

  • You ever think of creating a forum for your users?

  • @Dylan – Yes, I have a discussion forum for PFRE users. It’s been going for going on 4 years. See: It has about 5000 users.

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