How To Create Slideshows Viewable on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad

January 19th, 2011

Wow, the response to the post I did last Friday on How Do Your Real Estate Tours And Slide Shows Look On The iPad? demonstrated there is a lot of energy out there on this subject.

I thought it may be useful to show an example of a cool little slide show building product that builds slide shows that look good in all browsers: iPad, Mac browsers, PC IE browsers. There are more and more slide shows and tours products like this one being developed that provide an alternative to Flash slide shows. Typically they use Javascript. This kind of slide show demonstrates that it is possible to write Javascript code that run pretty much the same in all browsers. Actually it’s much harder than it looks. The developers have to figure  out all the quirks in each browser and code around each one.

This product is called Visual SlideShow from I’ve been playing around with it for several hours today and it’s quite flexible. It has several styles and you can control just about every aspect of the slide show. And it looks pretty good on Mac OS, Windows XP, Windows 7, iPhone, iPad. Visual SlideShow is free for non-commercial use and $49 for commercial use. It has a Mac and a Windows version and it will “Publish” slide shows to your local hard disk or it will FTP the slide show to your website.

VisualSlideShow is a good alternative for creating you own slide shows or if you are building your own website that has photo galleries it can be used to create galleries that everyone can see.

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