Scott Hargis Gets Coverage in The San Francisco Chronicle

January 17th, 2011

I wanted to point out that Scott Hargis and his work was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle last Sunday. The portraits used in the article are by Malia Campbell.

Notice the great analogy that Scott makes in the beginning of the article between “looking hot” on and “looking hot” on a real estate listing site. I like this graphic of explaining real estate photography to people. You wouldn’t put a crappy photo of yourself on if you are looking for a date. It works the same way when you are selling a home. You want a buyer to “fall in love” with your listing so make it “look hot”!

Towards the bottom of the article the article it quotes Scott as saying, “…even San Francisco lags behind some international markets. Brisbane is without question the hub of sophisticated real estate marketing“. Someone in the PFRE flickr group was wondering what this comment was based on.

If you know something about real estate photography in these different countries and cities it’s pretty easy to see but there is also a very objective measure of real estate photography interest in various geographic areas. It is this chart that shows Google search traffic for the search term “real estate photography” and ranks the search traffic by country and city. This chart is a measure of the number of people searching for “real estate photography” by geographic area and how it varies over time. According to this criteria Brisbane in fact sources the most search traffic for real estate photography world wide. This chart shows the top 10 cities for this criteria in the world. Too bad Google doesn’t seem to have detail data for all countries and cities.

Congratulations Scott and Malia for the coverage!

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7 Responses to “Scott Hargis Gets Coverage in The San Francisco Chronicle”

  • Congratulations Scott job well done!

  • who is Scott Hargis ?

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Larry!

  • @ The Cooler – Scott Hargis has been a very active contributor to the PFRE forum. His comments, support and general help to many others has been a huge asset on this forum! Stay active on PFRE and you too can enjoy his wealth of knowledge!

  • Never mind *who* am I……

    *WHERE* the hell am I?!!

  • Hmmm @ Rick Lamb – the interweb doesn’t convey sarcasm that well. Scott and I are old buddies – we went to different colleges together

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