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January 16th, 2011

As a result last monday’s post on how to find real estate photography customers I got questions on what to do when you find the top listing agents. The next step in your marketing is to understand how to talk to listing agents. The two top things listing agents are interested in is 1) Selling listings and 2) getting more listings. Given this fact there are six key talking points you want to use in your marketing copy face-to-face interactions with listing agents:

  1. Now days home selling starts on the Internet. Home buyers first find homes they want to come look at on the web. They have hundreds of choices that match their criteria and tend to eliminate the hundreds of possibilities from the single exterior property photo. Looking good on the Internet is crucial to effective marketing!
  2. Very few real estate agents have the equipment or skills required to do quality real estate photography. It takes more than an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera to create effective property photos. It takes a practiced eye for composition, an ultra-wide angle lens, photo-editing software and the skills to use it. Home buyers are visually sophisticated and notice professional photos.
  3. The cost of professional photography is small compared to the pay back in the overall scheme of marketing a property. Use this WSJ article to make this point.
  4. It’s always been obvious that real estate photography is central to marketing homes but within the last year two independent studies (documented here and here) have confirmed that properties that have professional photography used in their marketing sell faster and for significantly more money.
  5. In a depressed housing market where home prices have fallen and the number properties on the market is high and market times are high the use of professional photography is even more important because good photography draws attention to properties in a crowded market.
  6. Before home sellers sign a listing agreement with an agent they pay close attention to which agent does the best job of marketing and specifically which agents use great photography.

All these points, with the exception of 4 and 5 and have been much the same for the last 7 or 8 years. I think it is worth while pointing out 4 and 5 to listing agents. Most listing agents will not have heard of 4 or figured out 5. Both of these points are a big deal and can be used to convince listing agents they need to get with professional photography.

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2 Responses to “Real Estate Photography Talking Points”

  • Thanks Larry,

    Great information to use as I prepare for my spring-time marketing.

  • Thank you Larry for such an informative web site.
    Quite by accident I stumbled onto the idea of becoming a real estate photographer. Currently I am awaiting the outcome of an inheritance that hinges on the sale of a condo in British Columbia, Canada. The listing agent has had the property for a year and has failed to move it. I phoned her and asked why she didn’t include any interior shots of the place, just the outside and she replied that it is empty white walls and floor, not worth photographing! She also said that only the high-end condos were selling in that market but my guess is that she is only pushing them because the commissions are higher.
    My conclusion is that the difficult properties are the ones that need professional photos more than the others. As I begin my journey into this line of work I think I will use this line of thinking in order to get my foot in the door. If I approach an agent and tell them that I’d be willing to shoot a difficult property on spec, perhaps I could win them over in a risk-free kind of way for both parties while I pick up some badly-needed experience.

    Doug Thomas

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