Our Thoughts Best Wishes Are With Our Mates In Queensland!

January 14th, 2011

Our thoughts and best wishes are with our mates in Queensland Trying To Keep Their Head Above Water!

Just got a note from Brett Clements. Brett says, “we’re in a bit of shit at the moment. Our Capital, and our State is underwater. We’re trying real hard to get our head above water”.

You can donate to the Queensland flood relief appeal here.

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5 Responses to “Our Thoughts Best Wishes Are With Our Mates In Queensland!”

  • The clean up begins. My family and I randomly head out to a Brisbane suburb called Fairfield and pick a street to help clean up yesterday. We find a house that belongs to Chris and her young son and we get started. What really warms the heart is at this home there was 12 volunteers, including us that did not know each other but with high spirits we all worked together like we had always known each other and there are thousands of other homes with the same story.

  • @Allan, Thanks for the report and the video!

    This morning Brett Clements says, “Brisbane is totally trashed. Spirits are good though and CF cards all dry.”

  • Yes correct Larry, I have not seen so much deverstation I think in some respects the people of this city and other surrounding areas are in still in shock. But there is great determination from all the volunteers to get this city back on it’s feet again and we will.

  • My wife and I were also down helping out, its such a terrible situation and sad to see the damage left by mother nature.

    Good to see your helping out Allan, but wearing t-shirts that say “sell your home with QR codes” is not the brightest idea considering the people you are helping have their houses in shambles. I understand you are trying to show that you company is there to support, but maybe put on the thinking cap next time.

  • @Paul LOL. At least it did not say “We Buy Flooded Homes” I have been following this on NPR for awhile now. Real tragedy. The amazing thing is that the regular media here is not talking about it much. I am sure it must really be putting the breaks on allot of peoples lives around there. Best wishes to everyone who is affected.

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