How Do Your Real Estate Tours And Slide Shows Look On The iPad?

January 13th, 2011

Real estate agents and real estate photographers need to be taking the time to find out how their slide shows and home tours look on the iPad.

Why? Because iPads don’t run Flash (which most real estate slide shows and tours are based on) and Apple sold between 11 and 13 million iPads in 2010. These numbers are 2 to 3 times analysts most optimistic predictions. Market analysts are predicting over twice that many iPad sales (around 28-30 million) in 2011 even if a successful Android tablet enters the market. These numbers were reported on Leo Laporte’s MacBreak Weekly Podcast issue #228 available on iTunes.

Yes, I know, there are a bunch of you out there that are expecting Apple to, for some unknown reason, change their mind and decide run Flash on the iPad. I’m here to tell you that ain’t going to happen! Apple has been too successful with the iPad to change their mind about Flash. Get over it, we have to live without Flash! Sure, there are other tablets in the pipeline announced at CES but what’s about to happen within the next month or so is Apple is going to announce the iPad 2. This announcement will make life even more difficult for competing tablets.

If you don’t believe me about all this, about talk to some real estate agents and see how they feel about their tours not being seen on iPads. The ones I talk to wouldn’t stand for it. Yet, there are a bunch of real estate tours and popular slide shows that can’t be viewed on the iPad.

If I were you and I didn’t have a iPad of your own, I’d run down to your local BestBuy or Apple store and see what your tours look like on the iPad. It’s not a pretty picture. Some of the popular tours only partially work, some look clumsy and crude and many don’t work at all! I understand this is not an easy problem to solve when the ultimate solution (HTML5) isn’t supported in all the browsers out there yet. However, as a tech savvy real estate agent or real estate photographer you need to be paying attention to this issue.

Update: A couple of commenters below have pointed out the $.99 CloudBrowse App. Here are my thoughts on CloudBrowse and relying on specific apps for a solution to the no-Flash problem:

  1. I have the CloudBrowse App and although it is a very clever idea to work around the Flash problem but it makes browsing slow and sluggish compared to the native Safari browser. I doubt that many people are going to make it their main browser for this reason.
  2. I don’t think it is good marketing to depend on your potential clients having heard about some specific app and be using it to see your tours. This eliminates a huge number of potential clients from seeing your tours. It’s far easier and more effective to choose a tour or slide show that looks good on all platforms.
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50 Responses to “How Do Your Real Estate Tours And Slide Shows Look On The iPad?”

  • Well, I can’t speak for the slideshows on ipad, but my 360’s are looking great on my Ipad.
    check (on Ipad): and

    For showing my photo Portfolio, I’m using this app that works great too…


  • Cloud Browse App: Cloud browser now enables Flash on iPad, iPhone, iPhone touch

  • Ugh, all too true – I have been procrastinating on this issue. I wish they would all stop being such babies and just love each other as in the days of old. I tried looking at my site on an ipad and it plum doesn’t work. Thankfully, several of my clients are talking about a blackberry tablet that is forthcoming, for use in their presentations to homeowners. Not that it makes much difference to the issue at hand.

  • After reading this, I had to see how mine looked compared to others in my MLS. I was very happy to find that my virtual tour was the only one that would run automatically. All the others you would have to manually operate the slides or required flash and wouldn’t run at all.

    Jody Moore

  • @Jim & @Lurking – To be effective home tours and marketing slide shows must be viewable by all potential viewers just using the default browser. It’s not that difficult to do that by just paying attention to which tours and slide shows work and which don’t. As other commenters above point out, many products have already adjusted to the non-Flash future.

  • Steve Jobs can’t kill Flash.
    Put down the Kool Aid.

  • @ Larry – You have a good tour. Hang in there and support the people that support you.

  • @Larry, I am not as sold on the idea that you have to cater to the iPad users. I try to make the experience as pleasurable as possible but I refuse to bend over backwards to cater to Steve Jobs biases. Skyfire will be out soon and that should make things work rather seamless. I think there could be a possibility of flash down the road. With all the android froyo tablets coming out this year apple may have to rethink their view on Adobe.

    Jailbroken phones/iPads can use android flash packages to make flash work. I personally jailbreak all my iOS devices. I don’t like the walled garden experience. I even rooted my nook color to run Android the way I wanted it to. I will probably be getting an iPad 2 I skipped the first one. I skip every first gen apple product. Seems like the 2nd generation has all the stuff they wished they could have done in the first. The last generation had a bad PPI ratio (For Me) so I am holding out for better PPI display.

  • I am going to have to research this too. I have been working on making all of our tours and slideshows mobile capable…Ipad is just another hurdle to get over. I was hoping the ipad2 would have flash…I know plenty other users were too!

  • @Ian- Well I’ll stand by to be amazed but what possible reason would Apple have to put Flash back on the iPad? The iPad’s battery live is phenomenal. Mine will run for two days without a recharge… this long battery life is a direct result of not having Flash. It would be different if they only sold a half a million or even a million but whether you like it or not the market fell in love with it (except for Robert and Miguel;) and they sold far more than anyone ever imagined. As a result, Apple has become the second largest publicly traded company in the world (see: Their market Cap has gone up ~100 Billion just in 2010. Now only ExxonMobile is bigger. They could buy Adobe ($17B) with their pocket cash.

  • I love the iPad!! (though it is a bit of a toy at this point.)

    Steve Jobs can’t kill Flash however may he try.

    Nobody can argue against the cultural and market influence of Apple (I have every device) and am a true believer, but the system will remain open by demand of the cognizente, as the iPhone OS suddenly being eclipsed by Google Android-ish devices is proving.

    To me, the whole issue is based around the iTune$ / App store and the pay for content business model.

    People will pay to play until they don’t have to.

    If you watch satellite TV in your living room like most people, then you have no idea how much of the world consumes media via Flash. I am in a place with very little access, so watch live sports constantly, stream the networks, every channel is free. With a little knowledge, everything is low hanging fruit.

    The veto of free iPad edition magazine subscribers is today’s news.

    What is to stop publishers from creating iPad friendly html versions of their magazines?
    Many already have Flash versions, you surely have seen in the real estate niche.

    Is battery life an issue on the MacBook Air? (I honestly don’t know).
    I’m very sure Apple can handle the feat of engineering required to run Flash properly on the iPad.
    To think otherwise…

    No offense intended!!
    Love your work Larry!!!


  • This is a big issue and hoping for Flash on iPhone/iPad isn’t a solution.

    At TourBuzz we’ve had mobile support for quite a while. We are going to be improving it even further in the near future as well — making the mobile experience much more immersive and better-looking. We also have a HTML5 panorama viewer that we developed in-house — it’s actually faster than Flash even! Just needs some more finishing touches before we can launch it.

  • @Miguel- No offense taken. All that really matters here is there’s no Flash on the iPad and there probably never will be. Yet real estate people need and want their tours to be seen anywhere, including the iPad. What I’m telling real estate photographers and agents is you better pay attention and make sure the tours you use work on the iPad. It’s not difficult. Check your tours out and see what they look like. There are plenty of tour hosting companies that have this problem under control.

  • I have been using TourBuzz for over a year now and not only have they kept their tour up to date my clients love them. It is essential that when agents forward their tour to clients that their properties are viewable where ever they are. (Add the ability to manage multiple photographers and tourbuzz was a no brainer)

    I am writing this from my iPad in front of my tv! I dont even touch my laptop anymore and only use my computer to edit and do minor work.

  • My business is booming thanks to the i-pad! A lot of my customers use the i-pad for there listing presentation. They make it a point to show the seller that their tour will play on the i-pad and other devices. As a result, they end up getting the listing and I stay busy everyday!

  • @Larry the iPad was the only tablet out there. That is why it sold soo many. Even now android admits they do not have a good interface for tablet use. There is a flood of android tablets coming. Some of them even have some better interface tweaks to help make them work more like tablets. The more android devices that flood the market the less of an ability Steve Jobs has to control what is in the device.

    The new macbook air does not come with flash installed but when you install it it only takes about 15-30 mins off the battery life when it is left running all the time. Of the battery life is an issue then you can download many different plug ins that will prevent flash from running until you activate it. Steve Jobs view is people are too stupid to be bothered with trying to figure out if they want to have flash running or not.

    It is also funny how they spit in the face of Adobe when Adobe was the one reason that most users have apple products anyway. Most creative people prefer adobe products on apple. If it was not for adobe and the creative types who used mac for years apple would not be here today. My ex-partner used to work personally with Steve Jobs at next. I do believe he is a genius when it comes to ascetic design. Although I think he is a tyrant when it comes to running a company.

    When I go to a website that will not display properly on the iPhone or other device I do not get mad at the people who created the bit of media. I usually end up getting mad at the people who built the device that are not letting me have acess to what I want because of their personal bias.

    I like apple products but I also just don’t put up with their high and mighty attitude about the way things should work. After dealing with them for over 9 years now they have left a sour taste in my mouth to many times to continue to be such a fanboy. I now shop exclusive at the Mac Stores around town. Most the employees are ex-Apple store employees who hate having to give the company hard line. They recommend jail breaking your phone. They are also not afraid to tell you when something is a stupid policy by apple.

  • Darn. I meant to say one last thing but I hit enter and it submitted. What i think will tend to happen is what happened with the MacBook Air. Once the market gets flooded with other options apple will allow flash to run on the iPad/iPhone but will not install it out of the box. Leaving up for the user to decide if they want it on the device or not.

  • Cnet reported that Apple could sell 65 million iPads next year……

    Whether you agree with Larry or not, you will sure look like a fool when the homeowner starts asking the agent who hired you why he/she cant see the multimedia of their home on their iPad. I guess you could explain that they will can view it only on a PC when they get home…….

    If i was a betting man I would say you will not be used by that agent again…..why would agents use a provider who makes them look like a complete clown by providing content that cant be viewed on ALL PLATFORMS.

  • Why should the world bend just because Steve Jobs decided he didn’t want to integrate flash into the iPhone/iPad? There are enough workaround applications coming out that this will hopefully be much ado about nothing by the end of this year. I sure hope so because, as much as I like their products, I hate to have to jump through hoops because of any company’s proprietary decisions.

  • @ Dave,

    Why should you bend?…….come on, really?

    You can do whatever you wish, but if you choose to look past the fact that iPad sales are growing at an alarming rate your will find that agents will just stop using you. Agents choose providers on the assumption that they are up to date with the latest technology….after all it is your business isn’t it? As I stated above, you risk looking like a fool by not having a backup plan so your multimedia can be viewed on all platforms.

    Is what Steve Jobs doing annoying, absolutely!, You say hopefully it will be much ado about nothing by years end, we are in January, people were saying that 9 months ago when the iPad came out…..yet here we stand, still with no flash.

    If I lived in your area I would find out which agents you provide services for and start bombarding them with information on the iPad and specifically how your product cant be viewed on it. And of course show them my product that can be viewed on any platform…..hell I will even give them their first one for free if they switch.

    A recent survey on stated the following:

    3,108 consumers contacted in October about buying plans for PCs, Netbooks, and tablets, showed that 26 percent of consumers would purchase a tablet in the next 90 days.
    Of those tablet buyers, 80 percent said they would purchase an iPad. RIM’s PlayBook, which is Apple’s nearest competitor, came in at 8 percent. The Samsung Galaxy Tab (3 percent), HP Slate (2 percent), Archos tablet (1 percent), Dell Streak (1 percent), and Sony Dash (1 percent) rounded out the list.

    Noting Apple’s dominance in the tablet market, Paul Carton, vice president of research at ChangeWave, said that “with the iPad having already set the bar so very high in terms of customer expectations, these new Tablets all have their work cut out for them in order to succeed in the race to gain new market share.”

    ChangeWave’s survey asked current iPad owners about their satisfaction with the device. The numbers showed 72 percent of owners were “very satisfied” (the highest rating), while 23 percent reported being “somewhat satisfied.”

    Read more:

  • @Chris

    The cnet article is a bit misleading. Most sources expect total tablet sales to be 50-70 million with Ipad having about 67 percent of that market. Where cnet got the 67 million number no one knows. Overall Ipad sales are expected to be only 10 percent of the total PC sales. People always are supporting the latest and greatest but really the best “bang for your buck” is to make sure your websites work on the older technology. The people are using outdated (over 3 versions off the current release) of IE, Firefox, etc. represent 30-40 percent of all users. Most of us update our websites to work with current technology with little regard of backwards support.

    No problem with people changing their websites to support Ipads but they need to make sure it still runs correctly older technology. Adding support for the new 10% is only a benefit if you don’t loose 30% on the other end. We also need to be careful about the projections of Ipad sales. We had projections for sales of IPhone/android that looked similar to these Ipad numbers, in the first year Android out sold IPhone. If corporate buyers find a non-Apple tablet they embrace we could quickly see IPad sales drop significantly.

    I’m recommending people only make their websites Ipad friendly if they are in a high tech industry. Real estate is not considered a high tech industry mainly because home buyers come from all walks of life and the major websites, MLS, trulia, etc. all need to support older browsers and PCs.

  • Apple’s IOS will never run flash unless it changes. The iPhone has been around 5 years and there still isn’t a clean mobile version of flash. That’s five years of apples devices not crashing due to “flash” which apple has no control over. Instead they have been very successful and have the best OS on the market. And companies that are on top of technology have adapted. Any photographer that has a site that isn’t mobile compatible… Better get with the times if they want to continue to be successful.

    And Robert
    The MacBook air when running flash cut it’s battery life dramatically. From 6 hours to 4

  • Sandy
    Apple is tamped for 5 million plus iPads per month. This article is from September before apple brought it’s new factory on line the can more than double the originals production.
    Be sure they will sell close to if not more than 100 million iOS devices this year… iOS is important as not only are we talking about iPads but iPhones and itouchs.

    These aren’t “tech” only people. This is everybody, and browsing records show iOS devices becoming a dominant device to browse the Internet. This in my opinion is a huge concern for agents that need to be at the for front of their industry to be successful. If they are paying a photographer… They will want a tour that plays on every device.

  • @Ryan,

    OY! You are an Apple lover and that’s fine. I do websites for a living and need to evaluate this realistically for my clients. Apple just isn’t as big of a market as you like to think. Using only the top end numbers to try and prove your point doesn’t make it real.

    In reality, unless you can build your own website, the cost of building, or redoing a website costs a lot of money and people need to consider if the payback is worthwhile. Right now, for most people, it isn’t. I know you want Apple to be important and all but tablet sales are still mainly to “tech” people. Early adopters still rule the tablet market, period. That will change but who knows what the tablet market will look like in the next 6 months. It is not a forgone conclusion that Apple will rule the tablet market.

    Careful website visitor analysis is needed to say if you need to spend the money to support Apple products. Sorry, it’s just the way it is in the real world. Not worth spending money unless you need to and at the present time most people don’t need to.

  • @Sandy

    I hate to tell you Sandy, but alot of the so called “all walks of life” people are buying the iPad because of its ease of use. You forget that the average person could absolutely care less about flash, they just want a simple product to surf the web, its compact, has a tons of apps and is affortable.

    Im not really sure what major websites needing to support older browsers has anything to do with this discussion? Most major websites do play on apple products though, at least here is canada the biggest site of all ( does. Taking that one step further……a provider looks kinda foolish when their multimedia is listed on a apple friendly site such as, but the unfortunately does play properly because the provider didnt bother to “keep up with technology”

    If i was selling my home and the agent had multimedia done for it and I tried to access that multimedia on my iPad while on the train or subway coming from home only to find out that i couldnt view it i would be furious! I could care less if i also had a PC at home….the fact that it couldnt be seen at EXACTLY when I wanted to would be enough to not use that agent (and of course that multimedia provider) again.

  • @Sandy

    While you may “do website” for a living…I think you need to look at the business we are talking about here specifically here.

    Most Multimedia providers websites are very basic information site that give process and some samples. To revamp these sites is maybe a weekend project….

    The actual website is one aspect, and you are right to some degree, if the providers feels its not worth it thats their choice, they may feel they dont get enough hits anyway to warrant it or that they get alot of their business through other forms of marketing.

    The other aspect (the one Im talking about), is far more important then the website…..and that is the way in which they present their multimedia, such as slideshows, virtual tours and even video. This now becomes an issue that is not about the business itself, but how the products are viewed by the public on other sites.

  • I think this whole internet thing is just a fad. No need to stay up with any of it. My next marketing campaign will be done on my good ‘ol Smith-Corona.

  • @ Scott

    You get my vote for post of the year…

  • @ Chris
    @ Sandy
    I agree chris… like an earlier blog post explained about finding new clients. My top 10 Clients are 90% of my business. If my tours didn’t play on mobile devices… They wouldn’t go with someone that does, and frankly I’m not willing to offer my clients a sub par service – period

  • Well everything on my site works on all formats (from what I have tested) ie, firefox, chrome, iPad, iPhone, and etc. Even though I did it I don’t have to feel happy about it. It was a pain in the butt to make it all work the way I needed it to.

    Personally I would never use flash because I hate it. I just don’t like having my option taken away from me as a consumer. I want to have the ability to install any sub-par product i want 😉

    In terms of the Mac Book air battery I was referring to if you are running an application that will let you selectively run the flash you want. It is true it runs any battery down to have an add that is flash shoot the target to win a ps3. 😉

    One thing is for sure the iPad and apple products are something as a community that draws a lot of discussion. 3x the amount of discussion about the iPad vs some of the other posts on here.

    I am probably getting an iPad when the new ones comes out. The rumor that they are getting rid of the home button scares me though. I don’t like many of the touch gestures that go beyond the simple two fingered gestures. I do like the increase PPI in the next model. We shall see what they do with the next version.

    The one thing that makes me chuckle is if you look back at all the announcement videos from say a year or so before the iPhone released till now they all have this amazing theme. Every product is a revolution and amazing in their eyes. They come of sounding so corny… yet by the end of the video I am clamoring for a mouse that lets me make multi-touch gestures because it is just “the next big thing” the are truly a great example in marketing.

  • @Chris, that’s mighty wide of you to offer to attempt to woo my clients away from me but fortunately for me, I’m not a photographer. I love photography and come here to learn more. You are preaching Apple with fire and conviction so good on you for that but I stick to my assertion that they aren’t worth the trouble. The market hasn’t sorted everything out yet so I am going to hold off until I see it is inevitable and that’s not happening yet. Nice product, the iPad, but it isn’t worth me shifting everything I do just so I can bend to what Steve Jobs thinks is appropriate. I don’t have an undying love affair with Flash but I absolutely hate having to pay tall dollars to a company that wishes to restrict my freedom to choose.

  • It’s not about bending to what Steve Job thinks or whatever. It’s about providing 100% accessibility to all of the end users and it’s not hard to do so.

  • @Dave

    If you are not a photographer then why are you involved in a discussion that is titled “How Do Your Real Estate Tours And Slide Shows Look On The iPad?”. You dont have tours or slideshows….or clients that you have to worry about pleasing… I would do absolutely zero too if I was in your boat.

    And I was making a general point…that I will find any multimedia providers in my area and if they are not “apple friendly” I would of course go right after their clients and explain how they are missing out on a fair number of potential viewers (iPad, iPhone users) by staying with that provider.

  • @Colin
    “It’s not about bending to what Steve Job thinks or whatever. It’s about providing 100% accessibility to all of the end users and it’s not hard to do so”.

    I would love to change over my website to be compliant with iPhone and iPad. My site has a Flash slide show that took days for me to get working properly. I mentioned this before to someone else and they refered me to a link the looked anything BUT easy. Maybe you can help me make my site over so it works with the iDevices. Check it with your iPad, then check it on your desktop. Should work for PC or Mac with Flash. Since it’s “not hard to do” just post the instructions here. Thanks

  • @Chris the reason I participate is because I have tours on some of my properties as well as a site redesign I am dealing with so these questions are of importance to me as the business person who consumes photography. I know what you mean about going after a market that is under-served by your competitors…heck, I’d do it, too. If you don’t are you really in business to win? Sorry if I sounded snarky.

  • @Bob here is a video tutorial showing the basics of having a html5 fallback for the ipad or any device that doesn’t support flash
    as for 360 panoramas, I believe some people have made html5 versions eg
    but I don’t know how good they are.

  • @David,

    Thanks for the links David. I appreciate you taking the time to help and find the second link to be very helpful. I’ll bookmark that one as I already have an account with 360cities. The first link appears to deal with video though and I’m looking for help with slide shows. Perhaps I will just have to display my photos as a video…?

    Google doesn’t seem to be much help, I’ve found a few programs that claim to be able to display a slide show properly but none so far are right for me. I’ll keep looking though. I’m spending a lot of time though trying to follow Steve Jobs around (hope his health is ok BTW).. Once again, thanks for the links.

  • HTML5 and CSS support. You guys really need to get out of your own world and get into the “real” world. In the real world HTML5 and CSS support (you use both for almost all HTML5 coded websites) has it’s limitations. Here is a chart of the supported functions – – You will notice IE 6, 7 and 8 have limited to no support. Look at the Safari support you will see how good it is at HTML5 support. This is what you are doing. Leaving a large group of users unable to view your website to gain a small group.

    Some of you probably have websites that fallback to different levels of browser support but few HTML5 websites are creating with backward compatible versions. It takes a lot of work to keep different version of a site so must don’t build sites with fallback support. The argument that your site is available to all once it is HTML5 is plain incorrect. It is a HUGE problem. HTML5 removes access to a HUGE amount of users who use older browsers for a limited amount of new users. Remember 90-95% of all US based PC based browsers have flash installed.

  • @Sandy
    In the real world I am a Flex developer so I find Steve Jobs position in not allowing Flash on the ipad and iphone frustrating to say the least. The idea is to provide alternative content if the person viewing your website doesn’t have Flash enabled, as on the ipad. If the visitor to your site has Flash that is what they will see, however if they don’t have Flash or are using an ipad or iphone they will see something else that you have provided. So you are not “leaving a large group of users unable to view your website..” you are adding a group of viewers who previously couldn’t view your content. I am pretty sure the pfre tours provided by Larry work that way.

  • @David

    Yes, your a developer, I’m a developer. But, your missing what these people are talking about. They are talking about “home built” sites and they usually do not have fallback options. The people talking here are claiming: “To revamp these sites is maybe a weekend project”. That isn’t getting you a website with fallback, testing, etc…..

    This gets back to my initial post. Updating websites costs money. Most people don’t have the time or ability to do their own HTML coding with full fallback. So, if your doing a website yourself without fallback, or paying someone to update your website Ipad compatible you should first make sure your web visitor usage will benefit from HTML5 over older browser support is essential!

  • You must be busy. I’d just take the money and do it.

  • @Bob Slideshows doesn’t have to be in flash, there are plenty javascript/jQuery slideshows out there. Just gotta find one that you like the best… The mootool Slideshow looks good. Slideshow Pro’s also great (

    As for the 360 panos, try krpano ( it has support for HTML5 fallback.

  • @Colin, Thanks Colin, spent about half an hour on slideshowpro site and it looks GREAT. I’ll definitely give the demo a try.

    I purchased pano2VR for my panos some time ago and have gone part way up the learning curve. They have an upgrade that is supposed to support HTML5 but from what I’ve heard, there are still bugs aplenty. Right now it seems as though as soon as I zero in on the target, someone goes ahead and moves it.. I’d like to turn it over to a pro, but cash is tight so I’m trying the diy route,, Eh, life goes on…

    Thanks for the links,

  • This whole Apple/ Adobe antagonism is really irrelevant.

    The reality is, like it or not, The iPad is one of the biggest consumer electronics gadgets ever. The iPhone is huge, and now that Verizon is offering it, I assume it will be everywhere. You can’t ignore that. I happen to personally despise Flash as it’s a decade old, a CPU hog and a proprietary technology owned by one company, and there are much better alternatives. But it really doesn’t matter what I think.

    The one person who does matter are your customers. Most people don’t know or care what Flash is, and don’t care about the format wars. They DO care that they are interested in seeing properties on THEIR chosen device, and they need to be able to do that. Otherwise the listing agent looks bad, and YOU look bad. If I had my house on the market and found that it wasn’t viewable on a popular device such as the iPad or iPhone, I would be more than angry.

    As of the first of this year, all of my photo slideshows and videos are viewable on EVERY device. It’s a lot more work on my part with video to encode four times (twice for branded versions, twice for MLS compliant), plus I will pay more for hosting twice as many videos, but it’s a price I believe I must pay to remain competitive.

  • The other thing about the iPad is that aesthetics can matter. On the iPhone, the screen is so small that all you really care about is seeing the images. However, the iPad can provide an enjoyable viewing experience, so it is important for the single property website to look as good on an iPad as it does on a computer monitor.

  • @Fred

    Are you sure your website is viewable on EVERY device or just html5 compatible devices? There are more non-html5 compatible devices on the web versus ipads so perhaps you lost clients. But I don’t know your website fallback capabilities. Perhaps it will detect flash, non-flash html, and html5 browsers.

    Everyone always thinks all browsers are html5 compatible. They aren’t.

    Just something to think about.

  • We all know Larry’s point is valid. Max eyballs is max eyeballs.
    As a lux land pimp, iPad owners themselves are a key demographic, so we all must adapt, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it as all tablets will be as robust as laptops in no time, Flash and all.

    We are essentially arguing about prototype toys.

    Steve Jobs is back in the hospital and Google declares war on .h264 and the hmtl5 video tag.

    I don’t trust iTunes to organize my music, much less trust them they way I trust and absolutely depend on Google.

    Google is telling Mr. Jobs where to stick it.

    I see this as less about ubiquity and more about Apple monetizing content with the intention of routing the world to the cloud via the iTunes store.

    Apple puts you in a box with iOS (nice box indeed)
    Google and Flash give me life, force, breadth and a towering advantage for pennies.

    We will see who needs whom.

    As for what we in our business need to do to adapt, as a photog who owns the business in a lux vacation rental market, I can’t just release my images as loose jpegs any bottom dweller realtor/agent can right click on, as is the case with current solutions. I spend too much time already going after thieves. I actually depend on Flash as a minimal barrier.

    A simple redirect to an even simpler iOS friendly page of jpegs dumped for smooth swipe scrolling is good for now until it all shakes out in a year.

    It is frustrating, but no need to get emo about it, nor over invest your time and money as this type of limitation of access for users is temporary at worst. If someone is seriouly searching for a real estate investment online, they will hit so many dead ends, they are inevitably forced to turn on their computer to do their business and return to the pad for fun.

    Oh, and no porn?
    Apple makes more than the porn industry too it seems.

    Though the topic is fun.

    Ubiquitous Freedom for All!!!

  • @Fred
    You say you despise Flash because it is a decade old but that ignores the enormous advances that Adobe have made in that decade on the Flash Player including hardware acceleration that lower the load on the CPU, see this article Technically I don’t believe that currently html5 video is a better alternative than Flash but if you want to play audio or video or 360 panoramas on the ipad that’s what it takes. For straight out slideshows use html4 as the fallback or even as the only medium

  • There is a entire sub-business in the area of the cellular telephone marketplace spot relevant to the jailbreak or unlocking of the mobile phones so that they can be used on any cellular network, and latest Supreme Court choices in the USA handed down have confirmed that the jailbreak business is legal and authentic. That is, finish-user clients are rather inside their legal rights to do what they want to their mobile cell phone handset to enable the cell phone to work on other network carriers which is commonly identified as jailbreak or unlocking the network block.
    Learn how to Jailbreak your iPhone

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