Mastering HD Video With Your DSLR

January 10th, 2011

As a student of video I’m always on the look out for good information sources on video and shooting video. I recently noticed an article at by Uwe Steinmueller titled, Understanding Compression, Codecs, and Transcoding. A lot of good geeky video stuff to get your teeth into in this article but at the bottom it gives a link to get Uwe Steinmueller’s (and Helmut Kraus) most recent book, Mastering HD Video with Your DSLR.

I’ve read Uwe’s books before so I immediately purchased the PDF version of the book from Uwe’s site. Much later I noticed that it’s also available in a paper version from Amazon for you folks that are still into paper books. On Uwe’s site it says the $19.95 price is a special price for a short period of time only.

I like this book very much. It is fairly technical and covers all of the aspects of shooting video with a DSLR as well as audio topics and editing. Uwe has a link to a downloadable table of contents on the page where you purchase the PDF so you can see the entire contents.

I am well on my way to giving up paper and plastic media completely so I really appreciate it when there is a completely electronic version. I do all my non-technical “reading” via audio books and read technical books on the iPad with either the Kindle iPad App or GoodReader App for PDFs. Now days when media is not available in electronic form I really have to think hard before I buying it.

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