What’s With The Huge Price Reduction Today For Aperture 3?

January 6th, 2011

If you are a Mac user you’ve probably already noticed that the new Mac App Store launched today. You have to update to Mac OS 10.6.6 to access the Mac App Store. Just do a “software update” and it will download and install. The Mac App Store looks and works much like iTunes but is totally separate from iTunes. Now all Apple Apps like iPhoto, iMovie etc are purchased separately but are roughly the same price as they were before the App Store.

The big surprise for me is that Aperture 3 is now only $79.95. This is a price reduction of $119 USD! Aperture 3’s price in the Canadian Mac App Store is CDN$79.99. In the UK, £44.99. In Germany, €62.99. I’ll have to say that for real estate photographers that work on the Mac and haven’t made a commitment to Lightroom or Aperture this price reduction gives a serious edge to Aperture 3.

As a user of both Lightroom and Aperture as I’ve said before there is much I like about both Lightroom and Aperture. Here are  some of my favorite features of each one:


  • The brush feature is awesome.
  • Making video with mixed video and stills.
  • Aperture has tight integration with other Apple products (iPhone,, iMovie, etc.).


  • The lens correction (vertical straightening) features- This is close to a must have for real estate photographers. To do this same thing on Aperture you have to round trip to Photoshop Elements or PTlens.
  • I think Lightroom is faster on machines with a small amount of RAM. The only data point I have is a 3 year old MacBook Pro with 4 Gig of RAM that ran Lightroom fine but Aperture seemed sluggish.
  • A handy feature for real estate photographers is Lightrooms ability to FTP slide shows to any FTP accessible web site.

This is an agressive move by Apple, probably because the market penetration for Aperture is so low (12.5% in 2009). If you are a Mac user and haven’t made a commitment to workflow management software you might want to look hard at Aperture 3.

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9 Responses to “What’s With The Huge Price Reduction Today For Aperture 3?”

  • Wow, this really makes me torn. I am cheap, but I don’t know if I’m willing to give up lens correction in the non-destructive workflow. Choices, choices…

  • They’re not wasting millions pulping trees and burning plastics for packaging. Smashes a hole through piracy too. You can install multiple copies on your machines. Not your mates. A think more realistic prices will also encourage sales. I’m foaming to see if the next rendition of Aperture/Lightroom will include the grunt to grade RAW video. By the next release, we’ll have a HDSLR which shoots RAW. Or at least we hope. That’ll level the old playing field between photography and cinematography BIG TIME. No more blown out exteriors in tracking shots and here come ‘blue skies’ every day. 🙂

  • I don’t use either. I still find myself using Adobe Photoshop and Bridge. I use bridge for organizing, batch processing, and other stuff. Then I take the photos in to Photoshop to do the rest. I tooled around with aperture and lightroom but I just don’t like either.

  • Strange if you go through the normal store it costs full price. Wonder why they have two different pricing models.

  • Robert – I tend to rely on Photoshop the most too. Lightroom is great for me when it comes to speeding up my workflow…but it seems like I work in the same way you do. It is nice to have a Raw conversion at the speed Lightroom can do it though.

    I hope that they are giving refunds to anyone who purchases full price!

  • Off subject some, but Larry mentioned updating OS 10.6.6 to get the update for the app store. Is Snow Leopard stable to work well with Adobe software. I’ve read there were problems when first Snow Leopard was launched and wanted to know if the problems were fixed so I may upgrade?

  • @Jason – I’ve been using Snow Leopard on three different machines since it came out with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and never experienced any crashes.

  • I just noticed that Aperture is the top grossing App in the Mac App Store and it’s #5 in the top paid category so it looks like Brett’s comment about “more realistic prices will also encourage sales” is right on.

  • I personally prefer to work with Aperture because it is so effective at handling large numbers of RAW photos for processing, and then I round trip some images to Photoshop when I need its tools. I have heard that PTLens is a great lens correction tool that is far superior to Adobe’s version, but have not tried it yet. Apparently it is only $25.00, so I am planning to get it and check it out soon. I haven’t worked with Lightroom recently but did use it a few years ago before I moved to Mac, but I know it is equally as good as Aperture. Happy shooting everybody!

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