Light Stand That Works Well For Small Strobes When Shooting Real Estate

January 4th, 2011

There are a bunch of folks purchasing the Lighting Interiors e-book by Scott Hargis since it was David Hobby added it to his Strobist Bookshelf. In the book Scott talks about using SLK SVD-20 video tripods as lighting stands. He also mentions that the SLK tripods are not manufactured any more. So I thought it would be useful to pass along the recent post that Malia Campbell over at did on an alterative to SLK SVD-20 tripods.

The alternative that Malia describes is the Sunpak 6601. As Malia points out, the Sunpak 6601 is widely available on Amazon, B&H and other online retailers. It is around $20 USD and comes with either a carrying bag or an extra quick release mounting plate depending on where you get it.

The whole point of these tripods is to use them as light stands for small flashes since they have a very small foot print and are very stable when the tripod legs are close together. Milia describes a slight modification that makes them suitable to attach an umbrella.

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4 Responses to “Light Stand That Works Well For Small Strobes When Shooting Real Estate”

  • I purchased a ‘SUNPAK 2001 UT’ last year for $19 with second shoe and travel bag. It looks 98% identical to the tripod in this post. Couldn’t believe how inexpensive, lightweight, well designed, well manufactured, and functional it was. ‘Was’ is the key word. Used it just a couple of times with my Nikon D300/12-24 zoom/SB-800 before the female threads in the tilting head stripped while tightening the handle, rendering it useless even for flash-only. Only tightened it enough to keep the camera combo from sagging. Hope this weakness has been corrected in the newer model. Would appreciate posts of positive/negative user experiences of both models; I’d like to buy another one. PS – Our local post office uses a 2001 UT for their lighter-weight passport camera, and they never change the tilt angle.

  • I’ve been using SUNPAK tripods as “light stands” for my strobes for years. Never had a problem.

  • @Steve: I think it’s worth noting that these tripods *are* pretty flimsy if you’re using them for such a heavy camera. The most weight I put on them is a flash and umbrella. That said, I’ve been using my Sliks for years and the Sunpaks I’ve had for a few months. The beauty of them is that, even if they do fall apart (which I do expect after a couple of years of heavy use) they’re only ~$20 to replace.

  • It’s too bad the blog is deleted as I was looking forward to reading how it was done.

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