Nirvana By the Sea – Video by Brett Clements

January 2nd, 2011

I was rummaging around on the site a couple of weeks ago and ran across this little 5:58 gem of a propvid by Brett Clements that I thought I should pass along. Brett manages to come up with stunning shot after stunning shot so when you put them together you get a stunning video. Be sure to view this in full screen mode for the full impact.

Brett’s description of the Nirvana shoot, ” A two day shoot shot around the time Canon released the “manual” update. The distant time-lapse of Surfers was on the Sony X1, as was the interview. Everything else was on the 5D. Used a cheap splash bag for the pool shots and a car mount for the tracking shots. The model, Scott, actually sells real estate in Hong Kong but is now in some serious gear-buying mode because he wants to open Platinum HD in Hong Kong.”

I also want to publicly congratulate Jacob and Jamie of in Nanaimo, BC for their new business relationship with Brett and As Brett describes it, “we have now licensed our brand name, our formats, processes and technologies to our brothers-in-arms from Canada, Jacob and Jamie. And PlatinumHD formats will now be rolling out in the North American market. They will be arriving on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, in early February, for the old Propvid bootcamp. Jacob and Jamie have had long discussions with one of our Directors, Christian Fitzpatrick, and the stars have lined up. We greatly admire Jacob and Jamie’s work. It is breath-taking, and we couldn’t imagine a better partner in Canada.” Wow a “Propvid bootcamp on the Gold Coast in Queensland”. I think this is a win for Jacob, Jamie and, I’ve have covered their work a couple of times this last year here and here.

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4 Responses to “Nirvana By the Sea – Video by Brett Clements”

  • WOW.

  • That was awesome.

  • Not that is what you call marketing! Very impressive.

  • Sigh…. That’s some seriously beautiful work. This is what excellence looks like.

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