My Favorite Real Estate Photos From 2010- A Tribute To The PFRE Flickr Group

December 29th, 2010

Here is a slide show of some of  my 2010 favorites from the PFRE flickr pool. Be sure to click the full screen button for maximum effect.

Looking at a slide show like this I can’t help but marvel at the number of people doing top notch professional level work.

For those of you that missed the post I did on Crowd Accelerated Innovation back in September of this year be sure to check it out and take a look at Chris Anderson’s Ted video that explains the dynamics of what goes on in this type of worldwide online group where people share, discuss and compare their work in an area of common interest.

I also want to point out what a valuable learning experience participating in this group can be. I get feedback from people all the time on what a great way this is to learn about real estate photography. The latest example is Andy Fame’s story. Andy attributes his success at moving his interior photography skills, in two years time, from average to shooting $5M+ estates and then to landing  large significant shoots like the Cakewalk and others to the collective collaboration and learning environment of the PFRE flickr group.

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12 Responses to “My Favorite Real Estate Photos From 2010- A Tribute To The PFRE Flickr Group”

  • I remember the TED talk video and there is definitely something similar happening as a result of the contributions to the PFRE Flickr group and this blog. I think I would make a good case study as about 70% of what I know and do stems from advice and critiques (of both my work and others) given in these forums. Another 20% is from trying to reverse engineer all the great shots from the dozens of photographers whose work I admire and the last 10% is just doing it over and over. When I decided about 4 years ago to really try to make this photography thing happen I was so far behind the curve and I really had no clue. Today I am confident in my abilities and every shoot is another opportunity to grow and try out a new technique. I guess I just want to say thanks, without these groups and those that contribute I would likely be turning to for all my photography instruction…

    Larry, I’ve watched the slide show twice now, just awesome stuff there! I’m honored to have a few of my shots alongside some of the best PFRE has ever seen. Happy New Year everyone!

  • @Iran, Well said! Thanks for your participation and contributions! Happy New Year!

  • WOW! My new year resolution is to spend time daily on this flicker site… there is so much that these amazing professionals are willing to share with the group! Thank you ALL for sharing these great images throughout the year!

  • As a #rephoto newbie, I have gotten so much out of this forum! Thank you all for your generosity, and to Larry and Scott Hargis an especialy warm thank you for writing your e-books. Happy Agno Nuevo! Rita Alfonso

  • @Rita- Thanks for the feedback, participation and support!

  • Thanks for putting together this retrospective, Larry! And ditto on Iran’s comment … I can’t imagine a better resource for any real estate photographer than your blog and the Flickr PFRE group. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve recommended lurking, then participating, in the Flickr group. There’s no better education than the critique of your peers.

    I’m honored that you chose some of my images as your favorites, Larry … and thank you for all you do to help us become even better. Best wishes for the New Year!!

  • @Glenda- Thanks for the feedback and your participation! Best of the New Year!

  • Thanks for all you hard work with this site. Look forward to reading more in the New Year.

  • I am honored to be included in the slideshow. Your blog and the flickr group are the first places I send anyone who has questions about RE photography. they are such a great resource. I know personally that my skills have grown leaps and bounds. thank you for all that you do.

  • Larry: Happy New Year and thanks for including some of my photos in your retrospective. There are so many good photos in your list by some of my favorite RE photographers that are definitely worth emulating.

  • This is an incredible collection of great photos! I am always impressed to see what can come out of the PFRE group.

  • I’m honored to be lumped in with a group of people I’ve truly come to admire. The photographers who post here and on the flickr group are the most generous and talented bunch of folks working the streets today. Thanks Larry, and thanks to all of the shooters around here who have helped me improve my skills at my chosen craft.

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