PTgui Version 9.0 Now Includes A Combination Flash/HTML5 Viewer For 360 Images

December 9th, 2010

Skip Soehner at pointed out to me that the PTGui folks recently released PTGui 9.o. Along with a long list of other great features, PTgui now comes with a 360 viewer that will display 360 images in Flash if the viewing browser can run Flash or in HTML5 if being viewed on a iPad or iPhone or other platform that doesn’t have Flash installed. So you can publish your 360 to the web once and it can be viewed by all platforms.

Here is an example of a 360 image on the PTGui site that was stitched and published to the web with PTgui. If you hit this URL with an iPad or iPhone you can see the HTML5 viewer at work.

As skip says, “This is good for me as the real estate agents around here are still in love with panoramas. This let’s me be one of the first photographers to offer iPad/iPhone supported panoramas. An AWESOME selling feature! The agents around here freak out when you point out that their listings can’t be seen on mobile devices!”

I just updated my PTGui version 8 to version 9 so I can start eating my own dog food and update my 360 images so they are viewable on non-Flash platforms.

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3 Responses to “PTgui Version 9.0 Now Includes A Combination Flash/HTML5 Viewer For 360 Images”

  • Video will slowly kill panoramas, if it hasnt in Skip’s area it soon will once someone starts to offer it around the same price as panoramas. While alot of agents like the video that is out there right now, most cant justify spending $300+ for it…..but this will all change when the prices start to drop with the new programs making it so easy to produce video, allowing multimedia companies to keep the prices lower.

  • This is extremely interesting as it opens up a wave of possibilities for applications to be developed around virtual tours and mobile devices,

    The possibility of using QR codes on printed advertising which will take you to a landing page of the property with a virtual tour that can be seen on any iPhone is now a realistic possibility and a great way to be innovative in real estate marketing.

    Providing virtual tours to potential buyers allows them to have a sense of ‘control and freedom’ that videos don’t currently offer.

    Either way, having interactive media content available to the prospective buyer will create a greater sense of engagement that static images alone.

  • With todays dslrs you can have both panos/video in on one tripod. I think combining panoramas with a video walkthrough attaching the panoramas together is ideal. it would give you the feel of the home and how its layed out and allow you to explore the highpoints of a room as well as hallways. I havent done this, but my Canon t2i and Sigma 10-20 lens can do it with no other hardware. You can either use the video and panoramas as seperate components that link to each other via hotspots/links, or use a program like flashificator/flash panorama player to do all in one swf. I would personally prefer to have seperate components in order to be compatible with iproducts as jobs has banned flash. With both you can have the interactive part without being detached from what the rest of the house is. I always feel like there are a bunch of blindspots when just using panoramas. If I had more time streamline a system like this on my website I would offer it, as it is though…it would take too much time to manually link everything via scripts and nobody would pay me enough for it.

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