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December 9th, 2010

At 8 AM Eastern today (Thur, Dec 9) the guys at, the site behind the PFRE camera page, is launching a new site designed to give photographers a way to research all available lenses for any give DSLR.

First of all here is a YouTube video describing the basic operation of

You can start from the type of DSLR you have and select what type of lens you are interested in, say as a real estate photographer you have a Canon Rebel T2i and are looking for a wide angle lens and you are willing to spend up to about $1,000. You simply enter those parameters and click GO and the result is this list of all the wide angle lenses that are compatible with a Canon Rebel T2i that are less than $1030. And for each lens on the list you get a detail summary of the lens specifications like this.

What I immediately noticed is that not only is a better looking and more complete listing of the specs of each lens than I have on my lenses page but for the Canon Rebel T2i I only have 8 wide angle lenses listed and has 18 listed. This is embarrassing! I’m going to get LensHero integrated into my lenses page ASAP.

I think is a fantastic site. I’ve played around with it for several hours and find it intuitive, easy to use and wonderful way to browse through a database of lens specs. I can see already that it is going to provide a much easier way to recommend appropriate wide angle lenses to real estate photographers than my current manually updated table I’ve been using. Thanks guys!

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2 Responses to “ An Awesome Way To Research All Available Lenses”

  • You just wanted the t-shirt didn’t you Larry. 🙂

  • It will truly be an awesome if they can incorporate some technical specs along with comparison testing data. Some real world reviews from actual owners of the various lenses will also help. A great reference site for lens compatibility but it really doesn’t tell me if one lens is better than another. It is a great start for with a lot of room to grow.

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