Checkout Vince DeStefano’s MK-RC7 Flash Trigger Review

November 30th, 2010

For years Cactus radio triggers have been the cheapest radio flash triggers for use in manual flash triggering but it looks like Meike has managed to make some triggers that are slightly cheaper and have several features that appear to be a a significant improvement over Cactus triggers.

Vince SeStefano has done a nice little review of these MK-RC7 Flash triggers.

The two features that look good to me about these MK-RC7 triggers are:

  1. They use standard AAA batteries (so you could use recharge-ables), instead of those expensive little CR2 batteries that I can only find at Radio Shack.
  2. They don’t have that flimsy looking little plastic mounting bracket that Cactus triggers have. I’ve never had one break but they make me nervous because they look so fragile.

Vince doesn’t give a link to where he got his MK-RC7s but I believe it is here. Be careful if  you order some of these you have to order the right one for your camera body. It appears there are different cables required for different bodies.

Update/Warning: Be sure to read some of the other opinions of these triggers by the commenters below.

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4 Responses to “Checkout Vince DeStefano’s MK-RC7 Flash Trigger Review”

  • The 2.4GH 602’s have served me well for a little over two years now. I will occasionally get a misfire but part of that was due to a faulty foot connection on my 580EXII.
    These poverty wizards have been a reliable cheap alternative in triggering multiple light set ups for architectural/real estate photography.
    Best Regards,

  • Hi Larry, yes that is the correct link, you do need to buy the correct one as they come with a different shutter release cable , the good thing is that it I only the cable that is different so you can use the triggers across differnt canon on nikon bodies , just get the cable that you require. I love em!

  • I just received the MK-RC7 transmitter and two receivers. Luckily I also purchased an MK930 flash which helped me discover that the MK-RC7 is not compatible with the YN560 flash. Out of the two receivers, one worked as expected, but the other would not fire unless the transmitter was within 12 inches of the receiver. I’m waiting on the retailer to respond to my email.

  • Another poor performance here:

    Sadly, these things are garbage. I have not one, but two faulty units purchased from 2 different locations. That’s 2 out of 2! I’ve read the manual (which isn’t written in clear English – it’s poorly translated), watched numerous videos and read a bit online about this product. It purely doesn’t work. Buyer beware!

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