$200,000 For a Five Minute YouTube Property Video?

November 16th, 2010

Thanks to Saul in Suffolk Park, NSW for the link to this article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the 5 minute property video that listing agent Ross Savas of Kay & Burton paid $200,000 for to sell the Ilyuka, Portsea mansion near Melbourne, AU.

This is proof that top agents are willing to spend big money to market high-end listings. But I it’s also proof that just because you have a big marketing budget doesn’t mean they can get good results. This property video reminds me of the JFK home movies shot at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. For $200,000 I would expect a complete mini series. Perhaps there are more episodes coming.

For contrast, here is the kind of 4:47 minute that cost $8,800 AUD. This property video was produced by Brett Clements a couple of years ago. Brett by the way works in AU. Ross, you need to do more research before you spend your marketing budget on video!

I have no problem with spending $200,000 for a video to market a $20M listing but for that kind of money I want the video to take my breath away and effectively communicate something about the property. I want it to generate enough excitement to make me want to at least come see the property! This video of Ilyuka doesn’t even come close for me.

The website just came online today. This helps. Twelve very nice images. A floor plan. But the navigation is kind of slow and awkward. Hopefully the site is still in development.

The more I look video the more outrageous it feels that it doesn’t do a better job of selling the property. After watching it for 5 minutes you end up knowing very little about the property and the video has not created a desire to own this place or even come look at it. The video simply doesn’t work for me. What do you think?

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21 Responses to “$200,000 For a Five Minute YouTube Property Video?”

  • This video is plain annoying.

    It focuses more on the fake cliché people than it does on the property.
    They made the mistake of trying to sell a specific lifestyle (which limits your market potential) rather than allowing the prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the home.

    “Voice over” narration describing the spaces and their potential uses, would have been far more helpful.

    This video, frame for frame, reminds me of a soap opera and it who ever paid this kind of money for this garbage is probably going to regret it.


  • After watching Brett Clements video it makes you realize its not how much money is spent, its keeping it simple and to the point. The agent in Brett’s video gives a ton of information and is not distracting like basically everything in the video Ross Savas of Kay & Burton had done. Brett also provides a ton of information in the video itself that makes you wanting to see more and more, where in the first video I was ready to turn it off after 30 secs.

    Ross Savas of Kay & Burton should feel a little foolish after watching these 2 videos……

  • I just checked out the property website at and cant help but wonder why the agent would spend so much money on the video but have photos that are so poor?

  • I’m humbled by your comments guys. Thanks for much. Maybe budgets stretch further on the Gold Coast than they do in Melbourne because we don’t spend half the day sitting in peak hour traffic.

  • My vote goes to Casa Estrella! This was the best realty ad ever created.

  • My first impressions of the ilyuka film were that the producer / DP or whatever title they took on, saw an opportunity to create his own personal story line with a full production crew complete with cheesy talent. Can anyone say “Super Technocrane”. (check out this amusing video if you missed it:

    Seriously though, This piece really isn’t about the house at all, its more about some kind of elusive feeling you may get if you spend a few hours there. It almost seems more like a vacation promo than anything else. Honestly, I think I remember seeing more clip time featuring the beach and pier than the house itself, really? If your shelling out that kind of cash, I would hope to see more details of the house itself, not just the brief momentary clips of girls playing chess by the fireplace. How many rooms does this house boast? How many did we actually see? And the ones we did see, I dont remember because the people were too distracting for me to really enjoy. I purposefully didn’t watch the Clements video yet because I wanted to make sure my comments weren’t influenced by another piece, but Im guessing that Brett’s piece fairs much better!

  • I wonder how much his commission is if he paid $200,000 to advertise a $20,000,000 home?

  • I agree with John, with respect to production values and story-boarding Casa Estrella is still one of the most inspirational real estate videos I’ve seen.

  • Certainly doing the trick,plenty of talk.Plenty of views, only been on U tube a couple of weeks, and now the story is out the hits will only increase.
    Things like this are benchmarks, put aside egos and personal disappointments, dont be too disappointed, it gives scope for the future.
    Not everyone will get the chance to produce $200,000 Real estate videos, so we will have to be happy with the tighter purse strings
    I quite like the Movie, certainly gives new fresh ideas, it fits in well with the feel of the house.
    Good on Kay and Burton for setting the Bar much higher… price.
    I agree Photos are poor, Photo Quality seems to be dropping all over in Australia.

  • Pictures sucks… Too much sharpening and non realistic colours… so bad

  • Are you kidding me!!! After watching the quality videos from Brett Clements and company I can’t figure out why these people paid that kind of money for the crap video they got. I’m learning video and often look at the work of platinumHD for ideas on how to improve. They are from the Gold coast and as far as I’ve seen they are the Gold standard for real estate video.

    I have to wonder if that video actually cost $200,000 or if it is all a PR stunt? Perhaps you say you spent a HUGE amount and the press picks it up. Either way it makes you really appreciate what platinumHD does.

  • That’s embarrassing and the commission isn’t enough to justify the cost. I would however, be able to do about as good of a job with a camera in a cellphone and iMovie.

    Forget the story or artistic license. That’s just poor. That money could have been used to start a fire in the front yard and they would have received more exposure (and likely better video from the TV crews who would have recorded it).

    Hey – for $100,000 I’ll be happy to go do it with my new D7000 🙂

  • This is a good example of what not to do when producing a RE video… aside from the enormous ticket price which is impressive… this attempt fell very short of showcasing the property. It did create an atmosphere which is reminiscent of the JFK era. But, even that was overbaked to the point of saying “enuff already!”

    Fortunately, the Aussies are presenting us newbies w/a lot of food for fodder… it’s a good learning experience. I say take it all in, disect it, pull out the best parts and file them away in your creative memory to be used at a later date. 😉

  • Some of the comments here are interesting. While i agree the video is a little different, and maybe they lost the direction on the way, overall they did a fine job.
    I’m sure it achieves what the client wanted. I’m sure they weren’t doing it to please everyone here.

    You cant really fault the photos, especially looking at lores images on the web, these images were shot by one of the best real estate photographers in Australia, he knows what he is doing.

    With regards to the budget of $200,000, that would be the marketing budget for the whole campaign ( print media, web media, photography, video fees, and agency fees)

    Its very easy to criticise the best when hiding behind a computer. People saying they could do a better job, are foolish, as they weren’t there, never been there and didn’t get the job in the first place.

  • “My first impressions of the ilyuka film were that the producer / DP or whatever title they took on, saw an opportunity to create his own personal story line with a full production crew complete with cheesy talent”

    @Chad – You nailed it!!!

    Now.. Can I please have my 6 mins back? oh and btw.. that will cost you $10k. Where can I send my invoice to?

  • Were are the bedrooms and bathrooms and closets ? If I am a realtor I think I want to show them the entire house and kitchen amenities I think.
    It was a great video but for a real estate video its missing a lot.

  • it makes the Star Wars prequels look good – at best it was a bad episode of Neighbours without any dialogue

  • I like the concept of a lifestyle piece, but I think this was too long. Also, In the 20 Million range, you have a very small demographic. I’m not sure newly weds or young urban professionals are it.

  • The real travesty here is the red pants.

    But honestly, if they really spent $200,000 JUST on the video, then they insanely overpaid. $200,000 is enough money to make a full length independent film.

  • Looks to me like the agents have found a new way to gouge out a chunk more commission. Ilyuka is a Portsea clifftop mansion which equates to a top tier trophy home for the Melbourne elite. You do not need to spend $20,000 let alone $200,000 on a video advertising that property. If you want to announce that you are part/position in the Melbourne elite, then this one way to do it. It (video) is simply not needed. Secondly whenever a real estate agent here in Melbourne tells you it has cost $$$ for something, take off at least half if not 2/3 and you are getting closer to the mark.

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