A Cheap And Easy Way to Get Real Estate Photography Business

November 14th, 2010

Dan Abraham, a real estate photographer in Prince George, BC offered to let me share his successful technique of getting more business by helping your agent clients get more listings. If you are a regular PFRE reader you will recognize Dan’s name from a post I did on area listing sites to promote your photography back in January of this year.

So here’s Dan’s inovative marketing technique:

  1. Create a marketing piece (Dan uses a double-sized color trifold brochure this is a large PDF – be patient) that explains the benefit of great photography with references to articles and examples.
  2. Give copies of your marketing piece with your prospective clients (agents) to give to their home seller clients. Home sellers are quick to understand the benefits of using good photography to market their property.
  3. The idea of the brochure is to help agents get listings. Frequently, getting home sellers to sign a listing agreement is very competitive since multiple agents frequently compete to get the home sellers listing. Extras like explaining how the agent is going to market the home sellers listings with professional photography can be the deciding factor in getting the listing.

Dan says, “I designed a small tri-fold pamphlet for agents to leave behind when they do their presentations to homeowners and the response has been excellent… it’s a win win.  In fact, one home owner told me a few months ago that the reason they chose the agent was because they were so impressed with the leave behind and saw the value of the service that way. The agent gained a $440,000 listing and a $12,000 commission, and I gained a shoot and a committed client!”

I can personally attest to the fact that this strategy works. We’ve always had several pages in our listing presentation that we give to home sellers and they always respond well to the promise of good photography in marketing their home. Another way of thinking about a brochure like this, is it’s a great way to market directly to the home seller and still keep the listing agent involved.

Dan says 500 of these trifold brochures cost him $235. Very innovative approach Dan. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

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7 Responses to “A Cheap And Easy Way to Get Real Estate Photography Business”

  • Great idea! I am going to try this! Thanks for the idea.

  • Love the idea. I’ve had a couple of clients asking for something like this in a round-about way this year. This just might get me off top-dead-center and actually doing something about it. I also am thinking about extending it a bit. I’m planning on making photo books for my top clients for Christmas / Thank-You gifts, an idea I got from the “Holiday Client Thank You Ideas Thread” on the Flickr group (Thank you Scott Hargis). I want to totally make sure the books are simply a thank you gift, but I have to think it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a page with some of the type of copy that is in this brochure. Then the agents could keep the book with them as well and refer to the stats, etc when meeting with their clients. Just a thought.

  • I agree this is a great idea. Brett, I have also been throwing around the photo book idea.

  • Awesome way to get exposure for cheap without hassling the Realtor to pay for the services and making him/her look like more of a pro in the listing appointment. Nice approach.

  • Had a client call today and complimented my work on a couple of her listings. She said she had a listing meeting coming up on Saturday with a potential client and wondered if I had anything (like a brochure) she could take to the meeting with her to help sell the listing. I got busy really quick and have just sent her my version of Dan’s brochure. She even offered to print it herself. So thanks again Larry, this post couldn’t have been more timely for me.

  • Any advice on building a portfolio? I’m tempted to find a Realtor and offer to shoot a few for free to get my foot in the door.. any one have a better technique for building a portfolio and getting started?

  • @Chad- A great way to build a portfolio is to find a new neighborhood that has model homes and regular open houses. Ask the site agent to let you shoot the model homes. This has two big benefits:
    1. Model homes are almost always staged beautifully
    2. No one lives in the model homes so there’s no clutter and no potential of getting sensitive home sellers upset.

    Doing freebees for upper-end realtors is always an option.

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