Blending High-Art and Fashion With Property Video

November 12th, 2010

Brett Clements recently showed me  a several videos from a series he recently did celebrating his return to Sydney and Melbourne after 5 years of being restricted from shooting there by a business agreement.

Brett says, “Some months ago, I re-aquired all of Propvid Australia and was commissioned to return to where it all started and ‘dream it up again“.

Here are  three videos in this series:

  1. We love this Place
  2. Butterfly House
  3. Stoney Croft

Brett describes We love this Place: “This piece, shot on two Canon 5DMkIIs and a 7D, for the slow mo stuff. This is what we’re calling re-inventing the wheel. It is accompanied by about 12 other videos, property pieces and agent profiles“.

It’s important to understand that Brett and his team are shooting for a very high-end property market. So the combination of art and fashion makes perfect sense. The buyers in this market are attracted by fine art and fashion. The feel of these videos reminds me of images in Architectural Digest where the ads are for Rolex and Dior and have chick models showing off diamonds from De Beers. This style probably won’t work everywhere! Thanks for the update Brett!

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6 Responses to “Blending High-Art and Fashion With Property Video”

  • Probably the best property vids out there.

  • As a real estate agent in the US I am very, very impressed with these videos and I believe that PFRE is doing a tremendous service by sharing what others around the country and around the world are doing to market real estate. I often wonder if the producers of this material would be willing to share how the pictures and videos are used in a marketing plan for a home. Social media? Subscription lists? Advertising? Do these things go viral? Who pays for production? What is the feedback from buyers and sellers? At what home price points does it make sense to do a virtual tour or a video? There are a lot of agents in this country…and I’ve been there myself…who will get excited about using virtual tours or videos, do one and then have no idea what to do with it other than attach to their listing in MLS.

  • @Jay- Here is the back story that I know on this series of prop vids (as the aussies say).

    As you can see from the “We Love this place” video. This series was shot for Sydney real estate broker Reece Coleman located in the Sydney area. All the properties in the video are Reese’s listings. In the video I think Reese refers to the fact that he has been using property video for 6 years (which is a long time for this media). Reece may well have been one of the pioneering agents to use property video in Australia and I suspect that Brett Clements was involved in Reese’s early efforts. Here is Reece’s company website: you can see from Reece’s website what Reece and his team do for marketing and how they use social media. They describe a lot of their marketing strategy on the site.

  • Thanks Larry nice video,The Photos on the website need work,flash shadows, bad sky drop in,etc,lots of them though,is this the standard of shooting in Australia?

  • The Butterfly House is nicely presented.. but it left me a little cold.. the model was just a pretty piece of furniture. I kept wanting to see someone else emerge from the darkness and give this story a happy ending. As for the house.. it was quite impressive but the overall feeling generated by the video was one of loneliness and solitude. :-/

  • Ahem, Stony Croft… there she is again… shades of asylum. Maybe I just don’t relate to the creative style being utilized here. This does not emit the feeling of a happy, warm place.. I see solemn, solitude, loneliness..

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