Short and Sweet Property Video From Nanaimo

November 11th, 2010

Back in September we featured a video by Jacob McNeil and his fiance Jaimie, young photographers in Nanaimo, BC. Jacob just sent me another of their recent videos.

I enjoy Jacob and Jaimie’s work, it has a light straight forward feel to it, and in slightly over a minute they have distilled down a feeling of both this property and the Nanaimo, BC that I know and love.

Another aspect of this short, sweet video that I like is the listing agent branding that is on the end. A full 10 second view of the of a well done logo for the listing agent with his contact info. To me this feels just right. I’ll bet Troy Gibson, the listing agent is pleased with this video.

Another thing worth noting is that since we featured Jacob and Jaimie’s video last September they have converted all their videos to which renders video in HTML5 so the video is viewable on all platforms. ExposureRoom HTML5 video illustrates the fact that even the little guy can host video on a site so it is seen by everyone. There are still people out there hosting property video so it can only be seen with Flash. Thanks Jacob and Jaime for the update. Keep up the good work!

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15 Responses to “Short and Sweet Property Video From Nanaimo”

  • I can not take full credit for the video. I run this company with my fiance Jaimie who is a HUGE part of the filming. She is an incredibly artistic photographer and typically gets the “money” shots.

  • Great stuff, one question though…
    I though the Exposure Room ToS forbids commercial use, do you have a commercial agreement with them? or are you just risking having all your content pulled if they look at how you are using your account?

  • When are real estate agents going to learn that these slide show “videos” with annoying music irritate consumers no end? Great photography doesn’t change that a whit.

  • I visited the ExposureRoom website. I’ve no idea how to interact with them – very confusing site.

  • HTML5 requires one of the latest beta browsers, IE, Firefox or Chrome. I think HTML5 also works on the Opera browser. Not mainstream yet, but soon.

  • @dbltapp, marcus – Yes, I agree. I signed up on the site hoping to find out what their commercial charge is and I couldn’t find it. It is probably a very new site.

    @JC – I haven’t found a browser that Jason’s movies don’t work with yet. I’ve checked IE7, IE8, Safari, Chrome, Foxfire, ipad, iphone.

    If someone finds a browser that doesn’t let us know.

  • Great video today but is there not some way to pull in the window views better? After all, views are what you’re selling here. Also, I might have had someone swimming laps in the pool for that brief shot. But still an outstanding video and great closing.

  • In response to what Joe said I think it depends on the user. I find many many people tell me they prefer that style of video over something with narration.

    I don’t think I will ever put narration in a video of mine. I would also never put the agent or anyone walking around with the camera doing a “tour”.

    I feel like people (in general) rag on this, ken burns, and other “standard” tours because they stare at them all day (it’s their profession). The average user only comes across these tours when they are looking for a house. I feel like for those users these types of tour fit the bill perfectly.

    One of the comments I get often when I show people narration is they feel like the person is forcing their point of view on them too much. It does not let them sit back and think about / discuss what they feel about what they see.

    I feel like the music is necessary. If you don’t want narration, actors, or some other gimmick what else are you left to fill the silence with? That being said though the music has to fit into the video. It cant be to prominent and needs to feel like it goes with the images on screen.

    One interesting person is Brett Clements I like the way he tells a story. It appeals to me on an artistic level. Again almost everyone tells me after watching his video the same thing. They feel it was interesting visually but did not give them the opportunity to make their own opinion on what they were seeing.

    We are all artists. It think it is a fine balancing act between being to stale and being to heavy handed in what we deliver. We have to keep eye on what the overall viewer base really needs from the tours. Usually that is to see into a home with as much detail as possible so they can figure out if they want to get off their couch and go look at the property for themselves.

    Wow that was way longer then I thought it would be.

  • Hi ted —
    the blow out is an issue we’ve been trying to rectify. Its a lot easier when taking stills by mixing exposures. We’re still new at this and are trying to figure it out so in the meantime we’re just doing a bunch of view shots from the decks and outside. Do you have any suggestions or ways we can fix this?

    As for the swimming idea…would have loved to do that. Very smart , but the budgets and time restrictions hinder us quite a bit.
    Thanks for the comment!

  • @Jacob- seems like the only option you have when shooting video is to shoot closer to twilight when it’s a view property. You obviously shot this late in the day but an hour or two later would have made a big difference in what Ted is talking about. Of coarse, this gets into risk of having to make two trips because you have precious little time when the brightness outside is close to the brightness inside.

  • I love Exposure Room – they have some of the best quality video on the web – without exception.

    BUT.. it against their terms of service to put up commercial videos, which includes real estate. Sooner or later all of this will come back to bite you in the ass if magically 30 videos disappear for your agents’ listings…. (been there, done that!) It’s not pretty scrambling around trying to put it all back together as agents are screaming that their tours are missing. And my experience is that these companies DELETE your account, THEN notify you after the fact.

    Vimeo, Blip.TV… that’s how they all work. You MUST read the terms of service. Most videos sites forbid commercial videos (like Vimeo – even in their paid version). More and more are going that route… OR they’re charging extra for commercial videos (like Viddler). Best bet is to stick with sites like who encourage real estate video, or sites like,, etc. which are designed specifically for commercial use (although not free).

    Bandwidth is costly, VC money is running out, and these sites are all scrambling around trying to figure out how to monetize their sites as they can’t continue to offer everything for free. It’s just a maturing of the medium.

    The ExposureRoom Services are for the personal use of Members only and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by Uploading Commercials, Product Demos, Infomercials and anything else that helps sell or promote a product or service is not allowed. Content you upload to ExposureRoom should be such that it helps you promote your talent and skill as an artist. Illegal and/or unauthorized use of the ExposureRoom Services, including collecting usernames and/or email addresses of Members by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email or unauthorized framing of or linking to the ExposureRoom Website is prohibited. Commercial advertisements, affiliate links, and other forms of solicitation may be removed from Member profiles without notice and may result in termination of Membership privileges. Appropriate legal action will be taken for any illegal or unauthorized use of the ExposureRoom Services.

  • Hey Fred —
    We’re working on hosting right now, for the time being exposure room is our best option.
    Thanks for your advice!

  • Joe Sekas —
    Are you saying that this video is a slideshow? or did I read that wrong?
    Just want to make sure you know we’re actually filming every shot.

  • Glad to see Jamie and Jacob leave the television on when shooting. Nothing worse than seeing a big black rectangle in the room.

    Nice to see some of this great work being done right here on the Island.

  • Excellent work by Jamie and Jacob. They have a good understanding of my needs,timelines,uniqueness and quality. It adds another new element to my site that gives the consumer another option. For me, exposing the complete property is critical.

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