An Update To Lighting Interiors Has Been E-mailed

November 10th, 2010

I just sent download links for an update to Scott Hargis’s eBook to everyone that’s purchased that eBook.

This update has no content updates, just updates to punctuation errors, and a few spacing fixes. Nothing really earth shaking unless you are an English major.

I’m letting everyone know that I’ve sent this update because I’m always amazed that only about half of the people that I send eBook update links actually download the updates. Presumably because the download links get taken out by SPAM filters. So if you’ve purchased Scott’s eBook and haven’t seen seen a download link in your inbox better check your SPAM folder. I sent the download links out around 8:00 PM PST on Nov 10. Anyone purchasing the eBook after 7:30 PM PST on Nov 10 will automatically get the newest version of the book.

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic positive response that we’ve gotten for this eBook.

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11 Responses to “An Update To Lighting Interiors Has Been E-mailed”

  • This is disappointing, considering Scott said in the Flickr topic;

    “In all seriousness, my original outline had a chapter devoted to ceiling fan shadows, but it was left on the cutting room floor before it even got written. It’s high on the list of new material for the first update.”

    This was the first update wasn’t it?
    From the feedback posted, this is a sought after topic.

    I am loathed to print off a big job like this (lots of $$$ in ink, binding, time, etc), for it to be reprinted soon after.
    The purchase price is only a fraction of the real cost.

    If you are going to update content, please make it so that single pages can be slipped in and/or replaced.
    Nobody will care if half pages are blank here and there, if this saves a total reprint.

    I would really appreciate a heads up on when the promised ceiling fan update will appear – then I will print.

  • @Matt- Sorry to disappoint with an update that does not have significant updates to content. I agree, if you print the book this update does not warrant reprinting the book. Probably English majors are the only ones that can tell the difference between this version and the original release. We do have some English majors out there and we are trying to please everyone.

    I commit to doing a post on the blog to let everyone know well in advance when Scott delivers his promised ceil fan chapter. I also commit to do everything I can to accomodate printing only updated portions of the book.

  • This is just being picky…. but if you are redoing page layout, in chapter 12, why not page break between each of the 6 case studies so that when you’re reading a particular case, you look at the relevant photos instead of photos for the case before or after.


  • @ Matt,
    I don’t agree that it’s required to print the book. Some people have done so, but it’s worth remembering that this was conceived and marketed as an eBook, which eliminates the cost and waste of printing. Most people are enjoying it digitally.

    I’m not able to commit to a specific timeframe for new chapters, and I feel that the book is a good value for the price with the content it already has. That said, if you feel that I’ve broken a promise to you, you can always delete the book from your hard drive and ask for a refund. There’s a 30-day guarantee, which you have at least four more days to take advantage of.

  • No refund required.
    Some people like real books, and some can cope with staring at computer screens for extended times.
    I like a real book, and from what I gather, many others do too.
    Each to their own.

    Anyone producing an eBook must always consider that some customers WILL prefer a hard copy, and will print.
    Successful authors will always be mindful of this.
    The only benefits of eBooks are in reduced distribution costs. That’s it.

    Just saying.

  • Kenny, this book was published in October of 2010 (about a month ago).

  • Scott:

    Yes, I was confused. I have the Photography for Real Estate book. I was unaware of yours until now but I’ll definitely be purchasing it.


  • Ordering the book right now. Cant wait to stay up all night diving into this material. Scott, your photos rock!

  • Scott,

    Great book. Very helpful. I have 1 issue I am running into. I just switched to Canon from Nikon so I’m now shooting with the 5DMii mostly b/c Nikon wouldn’t step up fast enough with a D800, either way I have 2 nikon shoemounts (600 & 800) but have recently purchased 1 Canon 580 and 2 Canon 430s – total of 5 shoe mounts now….i’m using flashzebra optical converters on 4 and using the 580 as my key. All are set to manual so no pre-flash or IR issues, however by the time I get the shot setup without a doubt 1-3 of the flashes have gone to sleep……any tricks around this??

    Addtionally using some shoe mounts – 4 strobes – ambient lights from the house (incandescent, compact florescent my worst enemy, and natural sunlight) I’d love a chapter on colorbalancing. Do you use/recommend a whiteblance disk or do you prefer the color cards xrite and what would the steps be for using them?

    Sorry for the long post, winter just hit my area with a few feet of snow on the ground so my shoots have slowed….


  • @Mack- The 430 manual says it has a auto power off feature where the power flash will automatically shutoff after either 10min or 60min depending on what it’s set to. I think if you just turn the auto power off feature off your problem will go away.

  • @Larry – thanks so much for the help. I’ll change that function and get back to it……any advice on the Nikon Flashes??

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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