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October 29th, 2010

Any of you that have been reading this blog for a while know that I am a big fan of Seattle Photographer, Aaron Leitz‘s work. I appreciate all the advice and input that Aaron has given me over the last several years. Aaron is the one that convinced me I should setup a flickr discussion group to go along with this blog. Here’s the post where I announced the flickr group in Aug of 2007. Aaron’s advice turned out to be right on target.

Aaron has a blog now that I wanted to point out to everyone. Looks like he started it back in January of this year but I just found out about it a couple of weeks ago when I talked to Aaron at Scott Hargis’s book launch celebration in Seattle.

Aaron was mentioning he was surprised by the number of clients that tell him they’ve looked at his blog and make some comment about something on the blog. I can believe that. There is something more personal about a blog than a portfolio site. These days if someone is going to hire you for anything they are likely to google your name in which case your blog will come up along with your portfolio site unless you are being unusually stealthy. Clients are going to be interested in what you’ve blog about so I think it is a big advantage to have both an informal blog where you talk about what you are up to in addition to a more formal portfolio site where you just present breathtaking images. Both have their place and I think Aaron’s blog and portfolio site are an excellent examples of how to approach these two types of sites. Oh yea, by the way, Aaron’s sites don’t use Flash. They look great on any hardware or browser you have. An when he uses portrait mode images on his portfolio site he uses two side by side portrait mode images to fill the landscape mode slide show format.

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  • Blogs are an essential prong in anyones’ on-line presence. They are far more dynamic than a website and have the flexibility of being fed into 3rd party sites like Facebook (through Networked Blog) and twitter. I typically get three times the number of unique visitors on my blog versus my website.

    One comment I would make about Aaron’s site is that it is beautiful, but he should run the Blog as a selectable menu item on the main page and not bury it on the contacts page – I had to search to find it.

  • Larry, good post and great timing too. We recently dumped our main web site, for a blog as now our main site. The reason is many that you have all ready outlined and our one main reason was better SEO, key words, for Google searches. Our blog is new only a few weeks old, I find posting something every week is hard, topic’s, that mean something to a Realtor. We have about 9,000+ Realtors in our market area that are use to getting our newsletter “ad” weekly, now we are sending our blog post, as the newsletter. Had much better response since this change only a month ago, to my surprise someone is reading what we post, vs just the e-blast. BLOG is the way to go for many reasons I feel this a new marketing method. Our blog auto-posts to our business facebook & tweeter accounts, all like magic. The URL, is the blog, directly, our portfolio site is for us dead, I do not plan on update,it is all most a year old photos there. The new way, we can use Pages in the wordpress blog format to show off our work, more important key word every image for Google or Bing to find !!

    The New blog is here, only a few weeks old, but a start in this “blogging” process:

    Rusty @ mi6 films dot com

  • His work is great. Does he give insight to his technique somewhere?

  • Thanks so much for the shout out Larry! My blog stats went from about 8 views a day to 900 views the day you posted. 😉

    Like Russel mentioned, it has been difficult to post consistently and this was the main reason that I held off on “going public” with the blog until I had a decent amount of posts under my belt. It is also the reason why I am keeping the link a little more “low profile” and on the about/contact page until I am confident enough with my posting consistency/writing skills to put a link on the main menu.

    Thanks again Larry.

  • I bow down humbly in the presence of such geartness.

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