Still Insets In Video: A Useful Technique In Real Estate Video

October 19th, 2010

Heath Cowart , a real estate photographer in Brevard, NC recently showed me an interesting example of the combined use of stills and video that I’ve not seen before. Heath used Final Cut Pro to do this but you can also do this with iMovie 09.

I think this technique is very effective. It allows a video narrative to be combined with one or more stills. Heath says he just discovered this technique and is still in the process of experimenting and refining it. I like it. It allows you to combine the strengths of video with the strengths of stills. You can minimized the amount of walk-through video yet still illustrate the features of the property while having video of the narrator (in this case Heath’s wife the broker) talking about the features.

I don’t know which video editors are capable of this technique other than iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Thanks Heath for sharing this technique with us!

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8 Responses to “Still Insets In Video: A Useful Technique In Real Estate Video”

  • That is a really cool way to combine video and stills. Very unique. I think it makes for a very effective tool. My only thought is to be careful with that wide angle lens. In one of the living room scenes, where she is is standing up, I feel that the perspective is off slightly and makes the house look a little bit smaller. But overall great work. I’d love to see some more examples

  • I totally agree, this is great stuff. It combines the strengths of your earlier post on narration with high quality photography, all in an appealing package. I like the transitions as well, everything seems to be very tastefully done, with a great deal of data transmission for the viewers. I am curious about the time commitment involved in producing this kind of video, as I find it appealing and would like to learn more about how these are made.

    Good job!

  • Larry,
    This feature is indeed available in iMovie ’09. Make sure your “Show Advanced Tools” option is selected under iMovie preferences, then simply drag a still photo directly on top of the portion of your video you want to overlay the still on. Then select “Picture in Picture”. If you select the clip options on the still you just inserted, you can change the position, the fade in and out the border, the length of time the still stays on the video, etc…

    Give it a try!


  • @ Mike- Very cool! Thanks for the education! I’ll give it a try.

  • Is this mls and compliant if it had the contact info at the end cut? Of course if you have your own active website this is not an issue. The exposure on the larger platforms would benefit the seller and the agent.

    Looks great and works even better for the seller and the agent.

  • I am just starting to experiment with this using Animoto..I love it! Here’s a sample:

    there are no captions/branding on this because I embed it into the single property website. There are two video clips near the end of the show for the rear yard…some grasses waving and the rock fountain…my next experiment is to record an agent intro and closing remarks with the stills slide show/music in between. accepts branded shows and for the mls, I removed the agent/company branding in a duplicate show since that’s what mls requires in southern California.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro works as well…..

  • very nice presentation.great job.This one is perfect for an online marketer.Thanks for sharing.

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