A New Propvid By Brett Clements

October 7th, 2010

Brett Clements, executive producer at Propvid Australia just launched this new property video. I’m not going to clutter up the elegance of  Brett’s work with my commentary. Brett’s description says it all, “no commentary, no stating the bleeding obvious. And it even has a social conscious.” Awesome work Brett as usual.

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9 Responses to “A New Propvid By Brett Clements”

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  • These two videos (yesterday’s post) could not be more different. Something to learn from both of them. Aside from the stunning beauty of todays video is the simplicity and the scenes showing people living in the house. I can’t recall where I saw this but someone good at videos said: Use photos for things that don’t move and use videos for things that do move. By adding actors to the video it shows movement, actual living in the house. Its a 10!

  • That’s an awesome piece of work. Pushes the genre forward for sure. Great color palette, music, and light. I think the “story” could have resolved more clearly to a call for action — the “your move” symbolism is there but doesn’t quite make the impact that it could. Still — very well done!!

  • Thanks very much Larry for posting this. Also, a big thanks to Scott for acknowledging the work. If we can shoot digital cinema as well as you shoot photographs, we will be doing well. I know I can speak for all the guys at PlatinumHD Propvid Australia when I say we admire your creativity and quality from Down Under.

  • that video, as impressive at it is, has no clear message about anything, let alone purchasing it.
    brett has lot the plot with these.

  • Wow, I hope one day I can make videos as nice as these. If the intent is to whet the appetite and entice prospective clients, it seems to me to do the job quite nicely. As one of my clients puts it “The objective is to get the appointment”, and I think that this medium and this presentation do that job nicely. Well done. I am curious though – What kind of equipment have you used here? I am looking at expanding into video and acquiring the Merlin Steadicam and arm/vest combo, as well as a Panasonic HMC150. Do you have any advice in regards to equipment Brett – or opinions based on experience for would be real estate videographers?

    Thanks and well done once again.

  • Theses video , look so good that they look frightenlyexpensive to produce as they have real sense of rich cinematic quality about them. A terrific look and really enjoyable to watch

  • I enjoyed the video and think it portrayed an excellent vibe throughout. Very classy, good use of beautiful scenic shots that really highlight the view and the style of the property. I would have liked to see more interior shots and angles, and I think the entire video would have been better overall if it had been reduced to under a minute. The chess game “your move” was a nice touch, but it didn’t need to be quite so prominent: it seemed like the chess metaphor was competing with the property visuals.

    Great video, though!


  • Exceptionally beautiful, however is it really cost/time effective to do this for every single listing you hold?

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