Announcing The PFRE eBook Giveaway

October 5th, 2010

In celebration of the release of Scott Hargis’s eBook, The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors Scott and I have decided to give a way some eBooks to real estate photographers that are getting started in the business. The idea is to give away s set of resources to beginning real estate photographers that may not be able to afford these start up resources because they are getting started in the business.

So here’s the way it will work:

  • Malia Campbell has graciously agreed to run this give away for us. Scott and I are working hard to get Scott’s eBook released by mid-October.
  • Malia will choose 5 deserving beginning real estate photographers. See Malia’s rules for being considered for the giveaway here. Deadline is 5PM Pacific on 10/13/2010.
  • Each of the 5 people that Malia chooses will get:
    • A copy of Scott’s new eBook: Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors
    • A copy of my eBook: Photography For Real Estate
    • A copy of my eBook: The Business of Real Estate Photography
    • A Highlighted Real Estate Photographer Directory listing for one year

Scott and Malia and I are all grateful for everything this great real estate photography community has given us and want to “pay it forward” to help others to get started in this business.

Thanks to Malia for running this giveaway for us!

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4 Responses to “Announcing The PFRE eBook Giveaway”

  • I think this is too cool for words. Hats off to Mia for thinking of it, and to Larry for immediately jumping on board. What we’re looking for is 5 people who are serious about their photography, are trying to get established, and could use a hand up while they’re getting things figured out. We forget sometimes how incredibly hard it is to start up a business, especially one rooted in the arts, not to mention this economy. You’d have to be crazy to even try!
    But if this can help 5 crazy people to get a foothold and flourish, then it’s well worth it.

  • What an incredible opportunity! This knowledge and encouragement is exactly what I need right now to help get myself launched. Even if I don’t win, it makes me realize that I want to work in an industry where there are people such as Malia, Scott and Larry. It is exciting to see such generosity!

  • Have not read the book …. but know Scott and his ideas and philosophy very well…. A can do photographer.

    I think this is going to be the “missing link” for so many beginning and intermediate RE photographers. I had to do it the “hard way” by trial and error and books based on examples that did not apply to my needs at the time. Having worked with Scott I have seen the detail and thought that goes into each shot. The opportunity to glean that experience is priceless – Scott is truly going share the information that goes into making the shot on the day. No matter the challenge.

    M. James

  • Only one more day to enter!

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