Photomatix 4.0: Still The Gold Standard for HDR and EF

October 3rd, 2010

Last week HDRsoft released version 4.0 of what has pretty much become the “gold standard” for doing HDR and Exposure Fusion for real estate photography. This new version has the following major new features:

  1. A selective de-ghosting tool that allows you to selectively decide which image and part of an image to take for the final image.
  2. An awesome built-in and user preset feature that shows a thumbnail of the preset results.
  3. A new high quality noise reduction feature.
  4. A feature that allows you to tone map a single image in 8-bit mode.
  5. A unified dialog box for tone mapping and exposure fusion.
  6. Ability to embed and view tone mapping or fusion settings in the processed image.
  7. Improved rendering of Tone Compressor tone mapping.

There are many other not so major new features and fixes. Look here for all the gory detail.

I’ve only used version 4.0 for a day or so but so far this feels like a great version. I love the built-in and user presets with thumbnails.

Trey Ratcliff has some interesting speed comparisons between doing HDR in Photoshop CS5. Photomatix 4.0  blows CS5 away in the area of speed!

To me most compelling feature Photomatix has for real estate photographers is having the same GUI interface, Lightroom interface and batch processing for both HDR and Exposure Fusion. All the other guys have either just HDR or just Exposure Fusion. It’s nice to have both HDR and EF in the same software so you can go either way depending on the situation.

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2 Responses to “Photomatix 4.0: Still The Gold Standard for HDR and EF”

  • Tell me more. What are the different situations that lead production towards exposure fusion or HDR. I just can not tell. I end up doing EF’s most of the time, but it is mainly because I think they look better. Nothing technical about that.

  • Love it too, just updated to 4 from my pro version for free and looks great!

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