Same Cloud Pattern Photographed Over Seattle, Bay Area, San Diego and Portland

October 2nd, 2010

Thanks to PFRE blog reader Julie Mannell for pointing out this interesting post on the last week by Tim Ellis pointing out that this very same cloud pattern was photographed by real estate photographers over Seattle, the Bay area, San Diego and Portland.

First of all why would anyone replace skys in Seattle? Everyone knows that the bluest skies are in Seattle! Even though they only occur 3 times a year on average.

Secondly, if you are going to replace skys be sure to check out the public domain sky replacement sky library right here at this website. These skys contributed by PFRE blog readers that are every bit as nice as this sky and are free for the downloading and don’t cost two credits.

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13 Responses to “Same Cloud Pattern Photographed Over Seattle, Bay Area, San Diego and Portland”

  • Thanks for the link! I was looking for some skys today.
    Do you know if you can download or buy a really high res skys, istock images are not that great and I need some for some large prints.
    Also will you be putting a bundle deal together of Scots book and yours?? Hope so as I’m interested in all 3.

  • WOW – I what are the odds that the clouds would take the same shape over 4 major cities. Is this linked to global warming?

  • @Cape Girardeau- I was thinking this may be proof of what some progressive physicist’s are claiming that space and time don’t really exist. Everything is really happening at the same place at the same time.

  • Thank you for sharing your ski photos. I have a bank of cloud shots for the Denver area whenever I see something good out there. It comes in handy.

  • Suspect one of the first things to do in this biz is create a sky folder. You can always go back to previous shoots too. Another alternative is to render a sky in Photoshop. Check to see if your shadows and reflections make sense given your new sky…

  • Hahahaha I was doing lots of work for Imageination NY , no doubt New Yorkers would have seen many Australian skies in some of the images.hahaha.
    They decided to go offshore with a cheaper product, not as good but cheaper, skies now???? India , Sri Lanka, Mexico , it could be anywhere.

    I think we are nitpickin here though, it would be difficult for an agent to wait until the skies are blue.
    We had a similar problem Friday really bad day great views, In a perfect world I would have gone back, the shooter went ahead, did an OK job. I paid my retoucher a lot extra, to make it look good.Tough job, I would like to see that particular job done in India etc.
    I was told she did a great job.PS I wont on charge, I didnt want to let the vendor down.

  • Larry — I didn’t even know you had a library of sky shots — how can we contribute to it?

    We have had a month of lots of cloudy days and I’m afraid I’m guilty of having the same skies in high rotation so it is getting pretty conspicuous. I’ve got a few that I use and it is usually enough to be able to mix them up, but I am stocking up now for the next time we get a month like that.

  • @Charles- yea, the last time I did a post on it was Nov, 2007 (

    Actually there is a list of several others along with mine on There is so much on this site that even I don’t know what all is here:) There is even a library of fire images! I quit accepting skys in about 2008 because it was getting to be a lot of work. If you want to create a library I’d be happy to put a link to it on the resource page.

  • I understand — I’d imagine you have got a pretty full plate as it is!

    Actually that link to the site has got some really good ones — that should get me through the next rainy month we have…

  • I’m scratching my head? While I had seen the stock skys on your site, and appreciate it. The better question is – Why? Isn’t it better to use local skys and have a folder of local skys for those overcast day shoots or when the sun is in a position to blow out the sky? Granted I do have the ocean nearby making it easy to get an unobscured sky horizon, but there are other open areas, like golf courses or athletic fields that give good sky pics.

    The reason I say local skys is because so variable. Arizona had the bluest skys I’ve ever seen, and the twilight that is magazine ready. Florida is a much paler blue and don’t even think about twilight with afternoon thunderstorms. Great Britian, blue but which 3 hours of the day (that’s a joke but borders on reality.)

    My sky folder is primarilly local, taken by me.

  • I don’t get it. Is replacing the sky in the pictures really that necessary? I know that every house looks much better with a nice blue sky behind it, but sometimes it just looks very, very unrealistic…

  • I just found a listing today on my SoCalMLS that had 7 exterior photos, taken around the community, that all had the same little 2 clouds in the same position. The photographer could not have possibly moved from one location to the others while the clouds just froze in place!

  • Hey, thanks for the shout out!

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