Photography For Real Estate eBook Now Available As Audiobook

September 28th, 2010

A few weeks ago PFRE Blog reader Lewis Leiboh proposed to me that he do an audiobook of my eBooks. Frankly I was skeptical since the PFRE eBook seemed a little too technical and visual for the audiobook format. But since I am a huge fan of audiobooks and have a two book a month subscription to I figured why not give it a try to see how it works.

Lewis finished the audiobook late last week so I listened to it last weekend. I was amazed. It works better as an audiobook than I thought it would! Lewis has a pleasant voice to listen to. Here’s a sample from the first chapter. I never would have thought of doing an audio book of this book if Lewis wouldn’t have proposed this. In future audiobooks I will have Lewis not record URLs since they aren’t very functional in an audiobook.

Since I’m in the process of updating my Business eBook so I decided to hold off on making that into an audiobook until after it is updated. And I’m offering this Audiobook of Photography For Real Estate now at an introductory price of $10. It’s around 5 hours of audio content and is a 265mb (not all that big for an audiobook) download. You can purchase the audio book with the “Buy Now” button below. I’ll be adding this product to the PFRE Store in the next day or so. For now the button below is the only place you can purchase the audiobook.

Buy Now $10

It downloads as a ZIP file. You just un-ZIP and import it into your iTunes or MP3 player. For iTunes and iPod/iPhone/iPad users these audio files show up in iTunes as a music album, not an audiobook. The chapters are tracks in the album. I’m looking into how to get the files into the iTunes audiobook format and hope to be doing that in the future. I’m confident that these audio files will work fine on any MP3 player but I’ve personally only tested it on iTunes with iPod, iPhone and iPad. If it doesn’t work on your player, let me know and I’ll refund your money.

I’m very interested in everyone’s feedback on this product. Let me know what you think.

Update Oct 3, 2010: Thanks to the work of reader Chris Soehner, of This audiobook in now in one file and has been reduced to 73 Mb. iTunes now treats it just like any other audiobook. Thanks to Chris for figuring out how to format the files as an audiobook. I have sent everyone that purchased the old larger format files a download link with the new format.

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3 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate eBook Now Available As Audiobook”

  • Great idea! I was just thinking about buying the ebook. Maybe it would be good idea to creat a package of ebook and audio book together if there are some pictures and drawings in the ebook.

  • @Michal- Yes, I intend to sell the eBooks and audio books in the future as there are obviously much that you get from the photos, diagrams and tables that just isn’t communicated in an audiobook.

  • for $10,Now every photographer including some who pass work on to my company need to buy this book.Far too may times I here the excuse, “I am not a retoucher, I dont know what you want” after 6 years working with this one guy I have directed him to this site…I learnt lots about photography and have asked my team of retouchers if they want Photographic courses, its time the Photographers learn about post production….even just lighting would help.Real Estate photography is fast becoming, a data grab, with Post production doing all the work.

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