HD Property Tours For Vancouver Island BC

September 26th, 2010

Jacob McNeil who runs Isle Video/Film company on Vancouver Island, BC sent me a link to his site recently. Jacob has a background in graphic design and motion picture editing and in building a business on Vancouver Island in real estate photography and video.

Looks to me like Jacob is doing some pretty nice work. Jacob says he has some narration talent on his team to handle situations where agents aren’t comfortable with narrating their own videos as Dan Morris does in Jacob’s sample property video examples.

I first got Jacob’s email one morning at breakfast on my iPad and pointed out to him iPad users can’t see his videos but he assures me he is in the process of taking care of that issue.

Feel free to give Jacob feedback if you have any ideas for him.

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5 Responses to “HD Property Tours For Vancouver Island BC”

  • iPad, iPod, iPhone + Video = PITA

  • I’m sure Jacob is busy jumping through hoops at this moment trying to fix what Steve Jobs
    purposely excluded from his devices. As for me, I’ll not own one until STEVE JOBS fixes it!
    There are too many alternatives.

  • BTW, nice website Ron… Peter White?

  • […] doing “some pretty nice work” out here on Vancouver Island! Check out the article at top No Responses to “isle video film featured on leading photography for real estate […]

  • Great work on the videos of all the properties that Isle Video Film have created for my listings. As a Realtor in Nanaimo promoting Real Estate in Nanaimo I strive to find the best way to show the buyer what each of my listings has to offer them. When there are 400 houses for sale and 30-40 houses in each particular price bracket creating a property tour and lifestyle video of the property helps tell the story on my website Thanks Jacob and Jaime, I look forward to our next project very soon.

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