Announcing Lighting Interiors: An Ebook By Scott Hargis

September 19th, 2010

I’m proud to announce that Scott Hargis and I are partnering to publish an eBook titled The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors, Techniques for lighting with small flash. We are currently working hard on this project and we expect to be adding this eBook to the PFRE store sometime in mid to late October, about a month from now.

For those that don’t know Scott from his participation in the PFRE flickr group or the most popular post on this blog, Scott teaches Interior Lighting Workshops that cover real estate photography oriented techniques for lighting with small flash. I went to one of Scott’s early workshops in Seattle in 2008 an was very impressed with the techniques Scott taught in the workshop but wanted to have those techniques written down in book form to accomodate my “sit-down-and-learn-it-from-a-book” learning style. My guess is that there are many others with that same learning style. So earlier this year I convinced Scott that the world needed a eBook about techniques for lighting interiors with small flash.

Scott is doing a meticulous job of explaining these techniques with lighting diagrams, special setup shots that showing light placement and a light hearted, entertaining writing style.

We’ve designed the layout as a horizontal, two column layout with a narrow right hand special notes column. This format maximizes the page size when viewed on a laptop, large monitor or iPad.Β Here is an example full size page from the book that illustrates both the page layout and how Scott is using lighting diagrams and setup shots.

The distribution will work the same as my two current books in that the book will be distributed in PDF format via a download link sent to you immediately after purchase. Also, once you purchase the book, we will distribute future updates to the book to the e-mail address you used to purchase the book.

I think you are going to like this book! It has the potential of taking your use of small flash to a whole new level. Well, back to work! We still have a lot of work to do before we are ready to release this puppy.

Update 9/24/2010: If you want to be sure to know when this book goes on sale without coming to the blog everyday just enter you e-mail address in the box at the top of the right side-bar and subscribe to PFRE posts via e-mail. That way you will get an e-mail every time I post and I’ll be doing a blog post when we launch the book.

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33 Responses to “Announcing Lighting Interiors: An Ebook By Scott Hargis”

  • Sweet… I’d pay $100 for it.

  • Just in the nick of time. Thanks guys!!!

  • It would be most wonderful to have this information in my PFRE toolbox!! Thanks to both of you for providing this!!

  • $30 please

  • So exciting!

  • Based on the current state of the industry, less than $20.

    Are you doing this to really help the industry, or to offset the lack of work around?

  • can we pre-order?

  • @Matt Ratoui

    You are kidding right? If you are in that much trouble that you need to suggest that Larry takes less for his hard work to help you then you should really ge out of the business bud.

    Kinda weird that the book isnt even out yet and you seem to think you can suggest its value…..that would be like a client not seeing a photographers work and suggesting what its worth…

  • Very cool. I’m excited to see the product when it’s released.

  • So excited! Can’t wait for the book to come out. Hope Scott adds a workshop or two here in the US.

  • Count me in πŸ™‚ based on your other ebooks it will be a winner!

  • Excellent! I may just have to pull the trigger and purchase the PFRE trinity!

  • @Ted- No, my fulfillment processor is setup to deliver stuff immediately so I don’t have a straight forward way to pre-order.

  • Sounds like somethng that might work for

  • Idea! Publish a chapter as a teaser…

  • Looks like it could be a really useful book.

  • thanks! this is something that i have been waiting for to take me to the next level.

    Larry/Scott – you two really make a difference in making us all a bit better.

  • Certainly an area I could use some work on. Looking forward to it!! Thank you

  • This looks great. I don’t do RE work (commissioned architecture, same thing when you get down to it πŸ™‚ but I’m always looking for new lighting methods and tricks. Scott does great work so I’m sure this will be well worth whatever the price is. Knowledge is hard to put a price on.

  • I’ve been active on PFRE for almost 3 years now, I’ve attended a workshop held by Scott and Thomas Grubba, and I’m still going to buy this eBook when it becomes available. There’s always more to learn.

  • This should be some good reading. I just hope it will be easy to comprehend, even for such an amateur as me…

  • C.J. the point is, if it’s overpriced it won’t sell.
    However there does appear to be a lot of desperate people trying their hand at re photography now and will probably pay whatever in the hope it will help them improve.
    Fear marketing.
    It’s funny how these ebooks (another revenue source) start appearing when the going gets tough?
    No one would have bothered 3 years ago.

  • @Matt Ratoui – Ummm… wasn’t Larry’s first book out about 3 years ago? You sound really bitter and jaded. It’s sad.

  • Hi Everyone — Larry and I are working hard to get this thing out ASAP. Middle of October looks very realistic. Thanks for the kind words – this thing is hard work! But now I’m all motivated to get it done and “out there”.

    @ Matt Ratoui — I assure you, I’ve got plenty of work. I think the PFRE market in particular is very regional. Some areas are just on fire, others are still suffering from the overall economic slump. It’s definitely true that a lot of people are entering the business. I get emails (and phone calls) literally every day asking me for advice, and if I have a book, or a DVD, with lighting info. A year and a half ago I started my blog in part as a way to respond to all that. But an eBook format seems like the best way to do something that’s focused on the things I get asked the most.
    I hope it won’t be overpriced. I’ve tried to keep my workshop rates reasonable, because I figure that the people who need it most are probably not at the most lucrative part of their careers, yet. Likewise, I want the book to be accessible, too. But I also have to recoup something for my investment of time (which has been quite a bit – I’m not an experienced author). We’ve got a number in mind that should make everyone pretty happy.

  • It should cost at least $500 but no more than $1,000. And should have a serial number plus require authentication like CS5 does so people don’t make copies and pass it around. To ease the pain, there ought to be a 15% discount for NAPP members and a free copy sent automatically to everyone who has or will attend one of Scott’s Interior Lighting workshops.

  • I look forward to this book. That sample page is a great teaser.

  • Hey remember that Mervyn’s commercial where the woman is standing at the door to the store saying “Open Open Open!!”?? That’s how I feel waiting for this ebook!!

  • I want to know when this comes out please. must have!

  • @jpphoto- If you enter your email address in the box at the top of the right hand side-bar and subscribe to PFRE posts you’ll get an email every time I post and I will be doing a post when we release the book.

  • please consider only having 1 column of text – the sample page looks marginally better than the current PFRE ebooks which are frustrating to read.

    read – > scroll -> read ->scroll back up to start the next column (oops went too far, scroll back down)- > read –> scroll -> read and repeat

    it’s a book not a newspaper or magazine πŸ™‚

    Any more sample shots from the book?

    Thank you,


  • @Alan- I could see having one column of text on a vertical (portrait mode) page orientation but the Lighting Interiors eBook is laid out in a landscape format to better accomodate reading on laptop type screens ( our surveys of PFRE eBook customers indicates that landscape mode is the most popular lay out format for eBooks). I am very skeptical that one column on a landscape mode makes sense. With this book you can fill a laptop screen with one page and read both left and right columns with NO scrolling.

  • I wouldn’t label it as a laptop screen but more it’s all about a wide aspect screen. Which is today more the common standard screen people can buy for both laptops and desktops. And I agree that filling a “wide screen” with a PDF file makes for easy reading as I sit here in front of my iMac…;-)

    I am still feeling like the Mervyn’s shopper repeatedly saying “Open Open Open…”!!

  • @Matt Ratoui-
    It has nothing to do with tough times, Larry and Scott are seasoned pros that can get work anywhere. This book is to help the industry, Its not cheap to publish or write a book.
    Keep your jaded comments to yourself, Larry is a pioneer and Scott is a lighting legand and lots of people have them to thank for the lifestyle the live now. Show some respect man!

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