Crowd Accelerated Innovation in Real Estate Photography

September 17th, 2010

I am a rabid TED enthusiast and just had pass this recent TED talk along by Chris Anderson who is the organizer of TED.

You may think this has nothing to do with real estate photography but I think it does. The single biggest idea that I’ve learned from doing this blog and associated flickr group is the incredible power of a group of like minded people discussing and innovating on the Internet. It is amazing to watch!

I believe that real estate photography truly is being crowd accelerated. What Chris is talking about here is happening on flickr and just from the fact that everyone can see what others are doing in real estate photography. Before about 2006 when I’d look through listings on the NWMLS it was easy to tell that very few agents in the Seattle area were using professional photography. Now it’s a different story, there are a significant number of agents using professional photography.

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4 Responses to “Crowd Accelerated Innovation in Real Estate Photography”

  • Certainly a great time to be alive! Thanks for sharing. I also thoroughly enjoy TED talks.

  • Larry, that was a very powerful clip by Chris, understanding that we can make a video to tell a story, …. I too came away with a new though on how to change our business. YouTube is phenomenal that is important in selling Real Estate, Larry we have two sales this year from YouTube videos people have seen, well so what?,,, the what is both came from people in Europe seeing them, calling the Realtor, to say I am flying to see the home I saw on YouTube, both came to a sale within one week after posting the “VIDEO” on Youtube. Images are great, video is even better. The quote of the day to leave this short post with is from our blog post this week, where I was talking to Realtors the 1080p video of their homes: The main QUOAT of the day from Brad Inman, founder of Inman News,, has said that

    ” a picture is worth a thousand words, but “VIDEO” is worth a million”

    how true this is, from watching this video from TED.

    Thanks Larry

    Rusty @ mi6films dot com

  • Wow! This has really got me to thinking. Now I just have to focus and direct those thoughts.

  • Powerful stuff Larry.
    The way that photographers in general have been able to find inspiration and information through the likes of Strobist and various flickr groups etc has been great over past few years, especially for us PFREers, we were ahead of the curve as our medium is easily shared. As Chris states, this phenomenom has opened up to just about every human endevour with the advent of Web video. Cool bananas for six year old street dancers, cutting edge unicyclists etc but….
    Both humbling and awe inspiring when it’s being leaveraged to enable slum kids to rise above the filth and lift their communities along with them.

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