The State of Lightroom 3 and ACR Lens Profile Support

September 8th, 2010

While having a lens profile for Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) isn’t that big of a deal, having one for your wide angle lens makes life easier and you can to lens correction for a whole shoot essentially automatically.

I was interested to find a chart that summarizes the current state of all the lenses that ACR supports with lens profiles.

Apparently Sigma jumped on board right out of the gate and has support for most all Sigma lenses. Tamron just announced that they are supporting MOST of their newer lenses. I don’t know for sure, but the Canon and Nikon lens profiles in ACR 6.1 were probably done by Adobe just to have basic lens support. Hopefully, all the lens manufacturers will get behind Adobe and create profiles for all their DSLR glass.

There are many obvious holes in the current ACR 6.2 lens profiles. Lenses like all Tokina lenses, the Tamron wide angle lenses, Sony, Pentax and Olympus DSLR lenses.

I think getting this far with lens manufacturers in just a few months is encouraging. If you own a lens that doesn’t have a profile contact your lens manufacturer and tell them you want a ACR profile. Yea, I know, you can create your own but who wants to, it makes more sense for the manufacturer to do it once for everyone.

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10 Responses to “The State of Lightroom 3 and ACR Lens Profile Support”

  • My 10mm Canon Zoom has a profile all its own believe me. Straighten the left side and the right side is off. Get a centered vertical in line and the corners are twisted. I have always had a feeling the lenses were doing wonky things. Using the lens profiles in LR3 and ptlens seemed to confirm it? It is true that the lenses can be sent in for recalibration? I have only known one person to have done it and the returned lens was better but not perfect.

  • Why dont they support Tokina? I need my 11-16 on there. Could I use another profile somewhat close to it?

  • Jim, there’s a user-created profile for Tokina 11-16, Canon mount:

  • Hi Larry,

    Just to clarify… Canon’s 10-22mm lens profile is in lightroom 3.2. The lens is fairly clean (or just my copy) but lightroom does a great job with the vignetting.

    Keep up the good work on the blog!


  • @Tony & John- Thanks for pointing that out… it was late… I thought it should be on the list someplace and your are right, it is on the list! I’m glad it was my omission instead of Adobe’s.

    @Jim- It would be a huge effort for Adobe to do profiles for all lenses. So Adobe built software to build lens profiles so users or manufacturers to build profiles. Sigma immediately supplied profiles for what appears to be all of their lenses. Hopefully the other lens manufacturers will soon realize what an important PR feature for their products this is.

    @Scott- Thanks for the link. I think I’ll add links like that on my wide angle lens table at:

  • I simply love it! LR3.2 now has the Sigma 10-20 available for the D300. Just did some new images and it is almost as good as PTLens. The only adjustment I miss is the ability to adjust the crop up/down/left/right to get the view I want. I’ve started just unchecking the constrain crop box and then crop it myself using the crop overlay tool at the top of the basic box.
    LR3 has cut my processing time down significantly as rarely take any photos into CS5 for a final pass. Thanks Adobe!

  • It’s my understanding that Tokina makes the Pentax lenses, or vice versa, so if they get on it they could hit two birds with one stone. The Tokina 12-24 f4 has served me well for my real estate photography, but I’d love it more if there was a manufacturer profile for it. More time photographing, less time editing.

  • I should also add, kudos to Adobe for adding lenses correction to LR. It’s been said 100x before, but it is such a big time saver!

  • I use a Sigma 10-20mm and I’ve noticed that the profile doesn’t seem to be complete. While it does a great job, there is often some distortion near the corners. I don’t know if this is a limitation in the Lightroom profiles or the lens profile isn’t complete. Regardless, this is a minor complaint because 99% of the time it works perfectly and the Lightroom lens correction feature saves me a ton of time. Love it!

  • Here is an example of what I’m talking about in the above comment:
    This is an unprocessed image, other than for the lens correction. Take a look at the lower left corner. That refrigerator doesn’t look very straight.

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