An iPad App For Offline Marketing Presentations

September 7th, 2010

A user pointed out to me today that the Offline Pages iPad App is a great tool for doing listing presentations or doing presentations to clients you want to show your website or example tours to.

The idea is that you’d like to show potential clients example tours that you’ve done or show them your website or other websites during a listing presentation or client meeting but you can’t be sure you are going to have internet access. You might be in a 3G dead zone or if you are not at Starbucks you may not have access to a WiFi connection. So what you do with Offline Pages (a $4.99 app) is before your listing presentation or client meeting, you download all the pages for the tours and sites you want to demo and Offline Pages stores them locally on your iPad so you can display them during the presentation when you have no internet connection.

While this app is just the ticket for showing websites I would highly recommend that if you are just showing your client your portfolio you have it loaded into a photo album since browsing through a photo album on the iPad is such and impressive experience.

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3 Responses to “An iPad App For Offline Marketing Presentations”

  • You have to buy an app to save and view web pages offline? Wow.

  • jumping on the ipad bashing… Is it still not possible to calibrate the color on an ipad? This is what a wedding/event photographer I know told me, and we agreed without color calibration the ipad is useless for portfolio presentations.

  • I’ve been searching for some kind of app that can be used for offline presentations. But not just a slideshow type of app, an actual interactive presentation with animation and video. All of the options I’ve found require the iPad to have internet connection. Plus, even with the internet connection, the apps have very limited functionality on the iPad.. Here are some that I’ve found:

    Slide Rocket. This would be ideal if the transitions and hyperlinking would work on the iPad, but no it does not. And it doesn’t work offline.

    Keynote. Same problem as Slide Rocket.

    Picture Link. This only offers invisible buttons for navigating through the pages in your presentation, but does not offer transitions and animations.

    Storydesk. This one is still in development. Not even sure how it works. Probably requires an internet connection.

    I’m very surprised I can’t build a presentation like this. The iPad is still very limited in functionality.


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