Two Ways Real Estate Photographers Can Use Customized Google Maps

August 25th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I promised not to do screen grabs of Google maps for land listings any more. Turns out you can do almost anything you want by building your own custom Google map. Here’s how it works.

In the comments of this previous post Neil from Missouri pointed out that you can use the My Maps feature of to create overlays that can be used to show property boundaries on a parcel of land for use in a land listing. Here is Neil’s example. Very cool. Agents that do land listings will love to have this feature. You could probably even put photos of various parts of the property on the map.

Today Mike Martin showed me another way to use My Maps. Mike is mapping all the listings that he’s shot in the last year or two. He’s still in the process of building the map. This is a great way to show all your shoots and the tours from each one. You could even draw the boundaries for your standard, no travel charge area.

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8 Responses to “Two Ways Real Estate Photographers Can Use Customized Google Maps”

  • You can also embed a slide show in the actual thumbnail. Just copy and paste the html code from whatever photo sharing site you are using.

    One more tip. You can also embed a youtube video in the thumbnail.

    One more tip: If you use you can upload a list of address from a google docs spread sheet. Saves a lot of time. I use it for a monthly New Construction Report:

    Great info.

  • That’s excellent .. I’m going to get started on this pronto for Eltham!
    Already had a play good to see I can link my flickr account into google 😉

  • wooops .. didn’t quite get the link right :

    Is good how you can invite collaborators on the map too.

  • A quick method to plot a property is to attached the street address to the URL. The format is simple: address here]. Here is an example:
    URL= Colorado Jackson MO 63755

    This will take you directly to a page showing a property on a Google map.


  • Please note that the URL above was converted to links automatically. Unfortunatly, the program did not handle the spaces in the address correctly. (It stopped before the end) So those will not link correctly. You may copy and paste the URL into the address bar to see it in action. YOu may also visit this page to see it working in real like. Hover your cursor over any of the “Click here for map” links to see the URL.

    One note to this, Google can be very touchy on the addresses. Simple things like not including the drive, street or N,S,E,W portion of the address can throw it off. Also, some local names do not alway equal the name in Google. So check that the link plot as expected.

  • There’s also BatchGEO

  • ScottD mentioned the website This is a fantastic website. I put together a blog post and video showing you how you can use BatchGeo and Google Maps to plot multiple addresses. I used it to map out about 2000 homes I have appraised to show my Geographic Competency as a real estate appraiser.

  • A bit late joining the conversation … but I also decided to map all my shoots over the last few years using BatchGeo. I wasn’t aware of the ability to do this in Google Maps at the time.

    This served a number of purposes:
    1. Showing agents the distance I was willing to travel to do a shoot. I often get asked “Do you cover such-and-such a suburb?” Now I simply email a screen-grab, or the link itself. It is also on the first page of my (soon-to-be-defunct) website –
    2. The psychological boost of all those paid shoots staring at you on the map.
    3. Bragging-rights. I used it as a topic in one of my emails to my agent database (using MailChimp – another great free web-based application) to show that I wasn’t just another fly-by-night guy-with-a-digicam offering cheapo shoots.
    4. Last but not least, it gave me more knowledge of how to create web-content and get it up on the web … where … correct me if I am wrong … most of clients will be looking and my future work will be coming from.

    Now I just need to get a photo attached to each pointer/pushpin thing for a bit more bling.

    Thanks for the great site Larry!

    Cheers from Down-Under / New Zealand.

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