Just When You Thought Property Videos Were Stagnant

August 22nd, 2010

Every once in a while Brett Clements shoots me links to show off what he and his team at Propvid Queensland are up to.

As a student of video I love analyzing and studying the work the Propvid folks do.  I am continually impressed with their ingenuity.

In this most recent video they take on the challenge of promoting the small urban apartment life style which because it is not visually spectacular, is significantly more difficult than doing propvids of dazzling high rise properties the Queensland gold coast is famous for.

In 1:53 minutes they manage to distill a, charming, very personal little vignette that illustrates why people like the urban life style. Simple, well designed and effective. This is not your standard property video but this is a great example of “selling the neighborhood”.

Nice job Brett! Keep these examples coming.

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11 Responses to “Just When You Thought Property Videos Were Stagnant”

  • I have to say, “I like it.”

  • Dear Larry,

    Thanks so much for supporting video in real estate. And for recognizing what we do. I’m honored we can share it on your site. It means a great deal. Today, we produced our first Chinese production: You saw it here first. Love to all the American shooters. BC and The CREW

  • That is BRILLIANT!!

  • Selling the Lifestyle! Great job!

  • Nothing like a little sex appeal to sell a home. Hmm . . . Some other good ideas though.

  • This is so awesome and cutting edge. Makes me wish for sequel.

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  • Boy, these guys are good, These videos are great to watch just for the watching sake. And course it shows, that selling a neighborhood is just as important as selling the property, makes fun watching to!

  • Brilliant work as always Brett…

  • Does a great job of selling the neighborhood and lifestyle. I find it odd that some of the interior pans are in black and white.

  • Wow… just, wow!

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