Bad MLS Photos – Warning! Viewer Discretion Advised

August 19th, 2010

This series of Bad MLS Photos is brought to you by John Cummins of

This series demonstrates that the real estate photographer must always be aware of what’s going on both inside and outside when images are composed.

Thanks John you made my day!

Update Aug 24, 2010: This is a good lesson in copyright. Most of the gazillions of bad MLS photos shown on various sites are copyright violations. In this case John took down the video because of copyright violations.

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4 Responses to “Bad MLS Photos – Warning! Viewer Discretion Advised”

  • Funny, but he is violating other people’s copyright, or has that been overlooked?

  • Funny!

  • Made my day, as well.


  • Matt was right.

    I asked to remove the video due to copyright violations and have done so.


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