Avoid Awful Real Estate Photos

July 23rd, 2010

The free downloadable Realtor Photo Guide that we give away here on the PFRE blog got some coverage on the Wall Street Journal Real Estate blogs today.

Thanks to WSJ blogger Sara Max for the coverage and for the links back to the PFRE blog. Sarah points out a recent post on the blog that has a bunch of hilarious actual photos right off the MLS.

The photo to the right is an example I use in the Realtor photo guide as an example of an “unstaged” property that we sold in 2006 on the Eastside of Seattle. The property had some renters in it and this was the actual bedroom of one of the renters. There is actually a bed under that pile of stuff! This guys mother never taught him to clean up his room!  We didn’t stage this property.

We give away this guide for anyone to use in promoting the cause of good real estate photography. Feel free to hand it out to your potential clients or let people download it from your site. The text and photos are available to download if you’d like to rewrite or modify it. The idea is to educate everyone involved in real estate that photography is an important part of marketing.

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4 Responses to “Avoid Awful Real Estate Photos”

  • I love finding these kinds of photos on the mls. In Colorado I particularly like the Million plus homes that are on the web in the summer with snow in the yard.

  • Great post! This is a hot topic in Arizona as well!

  • Make you wonder what is going on in that picture!

  • We created a short youtube video of some of our “favorites”…

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