Some Good Advice From Birmingham Alabama Agent

July 19th, 2010

This last week I must have talked to 15 to 20 real estate photographers about how either their website or tours aren’t visible on the iPad. I’m sure that many of you think I’ve gone “Chicken Little on you”.

So just so you know that if I’m wacky I’m not the only one, I want to pass on a quote from John Quarles who is a Birmingham, Alabama real estate agent. John is not your average real estate agent, he is an accomplished photographer and understands it’s place in online marketing. John does his own real estate video.

John says:

“I am not sure how true this is, but there is an ad on page 19 of this months Realtor Mag by that claims by 2013 mobile phones will take over personal computers as the way most people access information. I was in a CE class last week and most of all the agents had ipads, iphones or blackberrys. Slideshow pro is now coming out with new scripts that are for iPads and iPhones soon. Looks like to stay competitive, real estate photographers need to start now planing on these changes. I plan on updating all my web sites as soon as slideshowpro comes out with the new scripts. I am also going to start going to HTML5 at the end of the year with video players that have fall back options so I can have my tours play on all plate forms.”

At this point in history, it doesn’t make any difference whether you think this development is good or bad or totally outrageous. It’s happening and you ignore the trend at your peril.

Some more data is a traffic chart below from Google Analytics that shows how many of you folks (about 33% agents and 67% real estate photographers are hitting the PFRE blog with iPads. Currently there is slightly more iPhones hitting the blog but they aren’t increasing at the rate iPad traffic is.

Here is a A useful link, thanks to Karl Hoelscher, if you want to see what your site or tours looks like on the  iPad.

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7 Responses to “Some Good Advice From Birmingham Alabama Agent”

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  • You should really watch the advice you are giving people in regards to “revamping” their websites etc and spending countless dollars until the whole flash issue is a little more clear. Do you really think adobe is just going to stand pat and do absolutely nothing in the next few years but let itself die?…..come on really?

    Even if you believe that adobe will do nothing (which is crazy), do you really believe that a 3rd party company is not going to seize the chance to bridge the gap between flash and the ipad?. The ipad has been out like 4 months and there are already people who have developed beta applications that have been shown to run flash on an ipad, it is just a matter of time until these applications become mainstream and public ready.

    Its just a really fine line right now and to be telling people to spend money before they have the complete pictcure could result in alot of money wasted.

  • An example for whats already started in regards to getting flash on an ipad:

  • I agree with Larry, you can see this convergence happening with the massive drop in prices on GPS – Navigation units as well as MP3 players, the function of both of these technologies is already included in most phones today. A good handset should be capable of reading both flash and html 5. It is no so much about technology as it is about control.

  • @ Ron R

    “A good handset should be capable of reading both flash and html 5.”

    Very well said and while Apple is battling Adobe, other big name companies such as Google and HTC are teaming up and making a tablet that will not only show flash but will be cheaper than the Ipad.

  • The problem with Flash is it takes up a huge amount of processing power and drains the battery very quickly – a problem when you’re using a handheld device. Even my 7 year old 1.5ghz PowerBook G4 with 2GB ram cannot play Flash video smoothly yet it can run Photoshop CS3 and play YouTube videos. Flash is apparently also not compatible with some touch gestures that replace the mouse/trackpad function.

  • John says:At this point in history, it doesn

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