Announcing Major Improvements to The PFRE Blog Camera Page

July 11th, 2010

I’m pleased to announce a major improvement to the PFRE Blog’s camera table. I’ve decided to team with to automatically generate the table on the camera page.

I used to update this table manually and as a result it was always little behind. As of today the table is generated from the camera database. Each category is a list of the top 7 most popular selling cameras in each category.

If you click on the link in the second column that has the name of the camera it takes you to the entry for that particular camera where you can get detail specifications, compare this camera to it’s competitors, find out who has the best price on this camera and look at the ranking of this camera. The ranking is a weighted score that takes into account DxO mark scores, popularity and other technical factors. I really like this objective method of ranking cameras.

As in the past if you click on the links to the retailers and end up purchasing a camera the PFRE blog gets an affiliate referral percentage of the sale price that doesn’t effect the price you pay. Since I am a big fan of Amazon as a retailer most all of the links in this table will be to Amazon. Links to other retailers will be use only when the camera isn’t available from Amazon.

Oh, yea I almost forgot to mention. Now readers outside the US will see prices in the appropriate currencies and will be directed to the online retailers closest to their location. The only problem left is that apparently Amazon does not have an Australian site so we don’t have a site to display for AU readers. What online retailers do you folks use in Australia?

Check it out, I think you will like it.

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