Canon Applies For In-Camera HDR Patent

June 24th, 2010

Thanks to Sky at Vicaso for passing on the link to this Canon news.

A recently published Canon patent application (see USPTO Appl. No. 12/630,594) reveals a method for altering exposure values at the pixel level, which would allow Canon to produce a camera that captures a much wider dynamic range with a single image.

The lengthy patent application spells out a process whereby the camera captures a preliminary image with normal exposure values and then evaluates the exposure level across the entire image.  After creating an exposure map of the scene, the camera alters the exposure amount at the pixel level for the primary HDR image capture.

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13 Responses to “Canon Applies For In-Camera HDR Patent”

  • interesting, but doing it out of camera would give ou more control over final output

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  • Canon is really missing something. Pentax applies in-camera HDR since 2009 in all of their DSLRs (K7, K-x) – not within a single image though, but who would shoot architecture without a tripod?

  • Szabolcs:
    You haven’t even scratched the surface. Maybe Pentax will give me a free body, or a PR job. The fact is the K-7 is the least expensive and most fully-featured real estate HDR camera you can buy. It has HDR “filter” on any single shot, HDR Capture, with “standard” and “strong,” which can produce haloing, including HL and shadow corrections on each. And it has AEB of up to five shots at various stops in either JPG or RAW in case you want to use HDR software. If you want both, take the JPGs and then take the RAWs. It has white balance controls and customization that is simply amazing. They should have printed a WB manual. It has “live view,” where you can see the effect of your settings before you snap. It has “interval” shooting, so you can catch the sun rising or setting. My son and I joked the other day that we should leave the K-7 on a tripod, go eat and then come back. But someone would probably steal the camera. It has composition adjustment in micro levels. It has easy to use video. But doing all this from the manual is an uphill climb. I suggest Peter K. Burian’s Magic Lantern Guide on the camera. I have seen ads for the body of $800, and add Larry’s suggestion of the Sigma 10-20mm and you’re looking at $1200 or so. Anybody at Pentax see this post? Please, no pink bodies. Only black…

  • @Dave, you need all the HDR help you can get and if your website is any indication of what pentax offers for in camera HDR, then why would anyone want it? Your hdr work would make pentax run the other way with promotional gear… Please become knowledgeable AND versed at a skill/craft before giving lessons, advice and direction like an expert.

    You still never disputed that this wasnt your site, and I am sure that is because it IS your site.

  • Interesting to know! However, I think I will stick with my multiple RAW files and manual processing. This technology could further lead to other enhancements and features on cameras, so it’s exciting to see development in the area of HDR come to life/progression.

    @Jason What’s with the hostility? I thought his post was informative and he was not giving “lessons or advice and direction like an expert”, he was simply making an informative post on similar in camera technology that is currently available in the marketplace.

  • Yes, the question about control over the in-camera processing is a good one. It has taken us over 4 years of direct client feedback on over 165,000 finished images to settle into a formula that has high satisfaction. There must be a balance between engineers and artists when implementing these new technologies. Will be interesting to see how the technology progresses…

  • Jason:
    In reply, that website was started some time back with mostly flash and non-HDR images. It has not been added to because I was not happy with the results. In fact, I believe all those images came from a Nikon D70s or my Cannon S90. Do you have some kind of chip on your shoulder, or are you dedicated to making sure that online comments must conform with your prejudices and abilities? There are millions of people who are attempting to improve their skills in all areas of photography. Since most camera reviewers do a poor job of educating potential buyers on HDR capabilities I felt something I discovered might be useful. I’ll check with you the next time I have an idea that might help other enthusiasts. Then they can see if you think it’s OK.

  • I have been reading much about HDR.I know they will get there one day, at present not so great.

    I have also been looking at some different cities around the world for an across the board photography.
    These are a few sites i have been to.

    I was pretty shocked by the poor quality of the London images.

    Paris doesnt seem to have many images I looked at a few sites.

    New York and Sydney were the best I came across.

    Maybe we could have a world cup.

  • @ Dave:
    It would be interesting to see some Real Estate images produced by the Pentax. Can you direct us to a link where you have some posted?

  • I thought those are the kind of pictures that canon cameras take.

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  • @Rich:

    check out my homepage at — all listed images were taken with Pentax cameras.

    I think no-one can tell the camera after a photo.

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