Australian Real Estate Video Company Expanding to Miami Area

June 22nd, 2010

Several days ago Brett Clements, founder of based on the Austrailian Gold coast left an insightful comment on a post I did earlier this year on the subject of the market for video in real estate photography.

Brett’s comment is worth highlighting. Brett said:

“To date, we’ve produced over 6,000 real estate videos in our little corner of Queensland alone and we have a new Crew just starting up in Miami, Florida. The difference between the two markets is, in Australia, VPA (vendor Paid Advertising) is well-established. This means there is ’slightly’ more money to go around. The advent of technology like the 5DMII means we can bring two skill sets to the table, simultaneously – cinematography and photography, delivering more bang for the buck. Providing you don’t go overboard and launch full HD sized 1920 x 1080 files, I find video over the Internet – even with third world Australian speeds – more than acceptable. I certainly don’t go rushing home to watch a slide show on my TV. The role of video in property will change. I see a blend of both arts. There are scenes where video kills. Like. Anything that moves. And there are other scenes which demand the power of photography in terms of flash/image blend/HDR etc. Like print working with other forms of media, there is a time and a place for everything. Nothing will ever kill the simple beauty of a well-framed photograph that captures the moment. And I doubt nothing will ever convey the power of an F18 taking off than cinematography.”

Well said Brett! I think this approach of using a blend of the best of both still and video reflects the growing popularity of creating videos that mix both stills and video that I discussed last week.

Brett’s top 10 page has a good selection of “propvids” that illustrate the level of work that Brett and his crews do. Even though Brett says opportunities to shoot this kind of video, even on the Australian Gold Coast have decreased in the last couple of years, my all time favorite property video is the video on Brett’s top 10 page called “The Penthouse at Reflection Tower II”. If you can’t find it on the site there’s a youtube version here but it’s not HD. An interesting thing about this video, besides the amazing shots and production, is that Kristine Lehmann, the lady appearing in this video, was was the actual listing agent (this property was for sale two years ago or more) for this property! She’s not an actor. You rarely find this talented listing agents!

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10 Responses to “Australian Real Estate Video Company Expanding to Miami Area”

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  • Good points.
    Houses dont move?
    end of story

  • Larry,

    Thanks for sharing Brett’s work. It’s top notch and very inspiring to say the least.

    The production values are very high and it’s just terrific work. I’m really suprised that Australian RE agents spend the money that such productions obviously costs. Good for Brett!


  • @Dave- Houses move. Houses have fountains, waterfalls and views. Those all move.

  • Great show on last night about advertising.
    Nobody is saying that these videos aint great, but its about the house.
    The videos are art but its about the house the selling of it….Not the video.

    It was well put in the show, made so much sense, and these are the experts.

    PS Fountains aint an F18 I understand Daves comments and Larrys .
    Seems like here we are pushing the art and the artist not the vendor and the property


  • Great photography, but the pitch was a truckload of goobledegook. Only a real estate agent could talk such nonsense and keep a straight face. “Forces of the universe” ? Sure, sure….

  • Can only see Video, which RE companies are the combinations of stills and video being shot.

  • I have gone through hundreds of photographic images from ‘The Gold Coast”.
    Larry have you looked at the quality, The videos maybe great but the photography is hopeless in 80%.of the online displays
    Any half decent photographer should think about packing up and going there.

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